{Vegan} Chilled Espresso Chocolate Cheesecake


A mind-blowing dessert that fuses an incredibly healthy baked crust with an espresso-chocolate {raw, vegan} filling. Yeah. You won’t be disappointed.

{Raw, Vegan} Tropical Cheesecake


An incredible tropical (mango/papaya) cheesecake to serve up for dessert and wow your guests!

{Raw, Vegan} Cinnamon Rolls


Delicious, ooey, gooey {raw and vegan} cinnamon rolls to make as a sweet breakfast treat!

{Raw, Vegan} Caesar Salad Dressing


A super easy and delicious dressing or dip. Use it with a fresh bed of greens or with some chopped vegetables and flax crackers. Enjoy!

{Raw, Vegan} Creamy Avo Goddess Dressing


A delicious salad dressing to top your bed of greens and vegetables. It’s light and creamy, and feels fresh thanks to the bounty of herbs. Yum!

{Raw, Low-Fat Vegan} Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwiches


This “high vibrational” low fat, living foods ice cream sandwich uses bananas and sprouted buckwheat to re-create your childhood favorite. Don’t miss out!

{Cooked, Vegan} Mediterranean Rice Salad


An easy-to-make, hearty, and delicious {cooked, vegan} side dish.

5 Ways to Eat More Greens While Traveling!


Hydrating, nourishing, vitamin-rich greens are an essential food to consume while traveling… But finding them isn’t always that easy!

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Informative infographics display the many effects sugar, meditation, and lack of sleep can have on your body!

4 Reasons You Should Consider Removing Your Mercury Fillings


Linked to neurological problems, behavioral issues, hormone imbalance, and other illnesses… it’s time mercury (amalgam) fillings be removed from your mouth and never used again!

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7 Reasons Salt-Water (In the Morning) Might Be Incredibly Good for You


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10 Delicious (& Healthy) Foods You Can Easily Add to Your Diet


If you’re not sure where to start, give these 10 tasty food options a try! Eating healthy need not be challenging or scary, and this article proves it!