{Live-food, Vegan} Coconut Curry Soup


India comes alive in this (super delicious) live food, vegan and easy-to-make soup. Tantalize your tastebuds, create your most vibrant health!

{Raw, Vegan} Egg-less Quiche w/ Marinated Mushrooms & Spinach


Spruce up your brunch with this living foods, egg-less quiche with marinated mushrooms and spinach!

{Raw, Vegan} Tiramisu


A delectable and incredibly worthwhile dessert to make. This treat will tantalize your tastebuds and leave you delightfully fond of the living foods lifestyle.

Creamy Miso Soup


Let this nourishing, warm, and enlivening miso soup strengthen your resolve to eat healthy and consume food that your body loves!

{Raw, Vegan} Brownies


Incredibly delicious, healing, and easy-to-make {raw, vegan} brownies BETTER than the standard-American version!

{Raw, Vegan} Pineapple Jalapeno Cucumber Gazpacho


Cool off this summer with a sweet, zesty, and spicy gazpacho that will fuel your mind, nourish your body, and calm your spirit.

{Raw, Vegan} Blissful Exotica Smoothie


This smoothie is bursting with nutrition, is incredibly delicious, is easy-to-make, and will inspire a resoluteness to stick with healthy eating.

When Did You Start Limiting Yourself?


The truth is that all people have exactly the same potential and opportunity for greatness, those that ‘succeed’, however, do one very, very, very important thing: THEY CHOOSE IT.

The ONLY Thing You Need to Accept Before You Become Well


Becoming healthy and creating the life you desire is as EASY as recognizing this lesser-known TRUTH.

Why Conscious Eaters Tend to be More Spiritual


Is it psychology or something more? And is it the Law of the Universe for all things to align? We believe so.

5 Questions You MUST Ask Yourself Before Embarking on a Healthier Lifestyle


You’re ready for change… right? But first you need to answer these 5 essential questions – imperative for your long-term success and vibrant transformation!

12 Steps to Create Vibrant Health & And LOVE the Life You Lead!


You deserve to have vibrant health and love the life you lead… This book guides you THROUGH the process and helps you become a conscious creator!

Why Digestive Enzymes May Provide the Relief You Seek


Indigestion? Candida? Poor Digestion? You need more enzymes – and sometimes MORE than living, plant-based foods can offer.