10 Delicious (& Healthy) Foods You Can Easily Add to Your Diet

Sure, everyone knows they need to eat more fruits and vegetables, but that produce section just seems so…daunting. Right? Well, for those who have rarely ventured into it – absolutely. But once you learn the ins and outs of what kind of foods you like, how different varieties taste, and how to prepare them, it will soon become your favorite section to shop in.

But for the present, don’t let the fear of experimenting with ‘healthy’ foods inhibit your from beginning today. While there is a popular notion that you’ll forever have to munch on granola and slurp green smoothies, there are some pretty tasty “high vibe” food options that flavor up any meal and can convince any SAD (standard American dieter) of the value natural, wholesome foods have.


Try out the following, and embrace healthier living today!

*Note* These recommendations are given to aid transition into healthier, wholesome living. I wouldn’t recommend one consume these ALL the time, but if they are transitioning into a simple, predominantly plant-based diet, these are beautiful helpers that are super flavorful and offer alternative insight of how plant-based fare can be prepared.

  1. Ezekiel Tortillas

Found in most health food stores, Ezekiel makes their tortillas and other bread options with no yeast, and all grains are sprouted. The wraps are delicious, though, and filled with lettuce, avocado, cucumber, other vegetables, and perhaps a delectable sauce, will satiate any craving and offer a bounty of health benefits.


  1. Flax Chips

If you’re hooked on mainstream snacks (like Doritos), these are awesome alternatives. And really, finding suitable alternative is what it’s really about while you’re transitioning to a simple, healthy diet.

Most health food stores carry brands like The Goodness Company or Foods Alive. Check ‘em out!


  1. Spinach

“Wait, that’s not packaged and made lovely for me to eat!” Packaged – no, lovely? Yes! Spinach is loaded with vitamins (A, C, K…) and minerals essential for brilliant health, and it can be easily added into stir-frys, smoothies, salads, and/or veggie versions of lasagna. Make sure you grab a bag every time you go to the store; it’s an easy food to add to any food item you’re making, and worth the nutritional benefit!

  1. Beans & Legumes

You can soak overnight and sprout these goodie finds for a few days, and then steam or lightly cook them to make “high vibe” options to eat.
Examples: soak and cook germinated beans, then make refried beans for your Ezekiel tortilla with fresh herbs and spices. OR soak, sprout, and throw some sprouted lentils on your salad for a protein punch and zesty crunch.

Beans and legumes (when soaked, sprouted, and let to germinate – mean ‘begin growing’) gain a plethora of more nutrients, are easier to digest, and offer great alternative for meat products. Plus, they taste so darn good!


  1. Kind or Larabars

If you’re on the go and don’t want to make your own snack bars, KIND and LARABARS are few-ingredient, healthful options to store in your backpack or purse.

Having snacks like these on hand make it easier to say “no” to fast food or gas station options when your stomach is grumbling.


  1. Fruit!

The first and last type of fast food you’ll ever need: bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, etc…! If you can find it, always have some fruit around!

It’s naturally sweet, full of anti-oxidants, and is a detoxifying food – just what you need to kick unhealthy habits and start creating glowing health!


  1. Seaweed

Perhaps this isn’t easy for everyone, but seaweed (if naturally grown and not radiated) has a store of Iodine – essential for the thyroid, and also is full of beneficial minerals. You can choose nori for making rice sushi, or dulse to sprinkle on salads and use in soups.

The Japanese know the secret, now add in some salty seaweed or miso to your diet and get grounded as well!

  1. Kale (Chips!)

The mother of all healthy snacks – kale chips. Few can stomach the green leafy vegetable when they first start eating “healthy”, but after a love affair with cheesy, ranch, or chocolate (yes, I said that) kale chips, the plant becomes much easier to hand.

Kale is high in amino acids (protein), B vitamins, phyto-nutrients, and minerals which are essential for growth, reparation, and beauty. You can buy kale chips or make them yourself. (Recipe here)


  1. Cashew / Coconut ‘Ice Cream’

I know, regular ol’ ice cream is a tough habit to kick, but the sooner you accept alternative non-dairy treats, the better. Dairy is mucus-forming, hard to digest, and very acidic for the body. Plus, mainstream ice cream has tons of artificial flavors, colorings, sugar, and preservatives. You don’t need that in your body.

Cashew or Coconut ‘ice creams’ (which can even be found raw now!) are becoming more prevalent in grocery stores, but are definitely available in health food stores. Once you try them, you’ll also never go back to the original version, as true, wholesome food will not make you keep craving it. You’ll be surprised how satiated you are!


  1. Coconut or Hemp Milk

Last is the non-dairy milk alternative! Really, it’s not gross. I think plant-based milks are more delicious that true cow’s milk – and like #9 stated, it’s much easier to digest.

If you have a nut or seed, you can make any kind of milk that will last a few days in your fridge. Or you can buy some and use it for your morning buckwheat cereal (ahem) or in your daily cup of tea.


The beautiful thing about treating food as your medicine is that you have creative control of what and how you eat.

Let colors fill your shopping basket, let your body be flooded with vital nutrients, and above all, give yourself the permission to adopt healthy lifestyle choices so you may Bloom for Life!

Remember – it is your right and your purpose to Bloom for Life!