10 Reasons You WILL Succeed At Changing Your Life

I’ve heard it from many people: “I’m too old to change.” or “I just can’t help myself…”. Or even: “I really want to, but there is ______, _______, and _______ reason holding me back.”

Sister or brother, I’m here to let you know that there is only ONE person holding you back from creating the life you desire and deserve, and that individual is you. Freaking realize it.

Because the day you wake up and decide you want things to be different is the day everything changes. And it all starts now.


We are in a time where there literally are no excuses – and this is really, really, really great news. Because while these excuses may have held you back before, you now have more technological resources, social support, and/or opportunity to apply change.

Therefore all you have to do is just get at it. And because I know you all are committed to changing your life for the better and loving every minute, these are the 10 reasons you will succeed.

1) You won’t accept “No”.

You’re aware that the only one truly saying “No” is yourself, and friend, that’s just not peachy anymore. Your persistence to stick to your goals and trust in your highest self to guide you through will ensure you succeed.

2) You actually like healthy eating.

That’s right. After two to three months, your taste buds have changed and you absolutely love your steamed broccoli and kale with coconut yogurt, a sprinkle of nut and seed mix, and maybe some spicy peppers on top.

And don’t forget – you can no longer go a day without your green smoothie. Own it girl.


3) You’ve found that moving your body is exhilarating!

Well now that you’ve started fueling your cells correctly, you actually have the energy to get moving – and boy, does it feel gooooood!

4) You love waking rested.

The deep Zzzzzz’s, the beautiful dreams, the restful wake that now is yours – you’re in this to win it, and the rewards are paying off.

5) You feel more confident than ever.

Inevitably, what you give will return, and you’re finally starting to LOVE the way your curves are held in that new red dress you splurged on. And why not? You’ve worked hard – healthy living is definitely the right lifestyle for you.

6) You love your family too darn much to give up.

That’s right. McDonalds or your kids. Sure, you can likely give in as a ‘treat’ every few months to show yourself you have choice in this new lifestyle, but takeout dinners every night followed by unhealthy ice cream sundaes? No bueno.

You want to live a long and healthy life and be there for your kids – as well as set a great example – therefore you’ll keep persevering no matter what it takes.


7) You want a great marriage / partnership.

The secret is out. Those who take care of their bodies have better, longer, and steamier sex than those who don’t. It’s a big part of the equation and both benefit from living healthier for various reasons… So let better bed-time bonding be another reason to keep you on track.


8) You want to EXPERIENCE a life fulfilled.

This everyone wants – and baby, you deserve to accept this to the FULLEST. Go climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, go bungee jump, go pet an orangutan in the jungle.

Live your life, and never let any excuses hold you back.


9) You love the simple things.

You thought healthy eating would be difficult and expensive, but boy were you wrong. It can actually be cheaper, and you find that it’s even easier to plan out now that you’ve gotten used to preparing a plethora of healing, delicious dishes.

That leaves more time to watch sunsets with the hubby, and you sure do love that.

10) You know you deserve this.

Above all, if you want to heal from a physical sickness, feel better in general, and follow your passion and purpose in life, you have to allow yourself to realize and accept this.


Bloom for Life!

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