12 Steps to Create Vibrant Health & And LOVE the Life You Lead!

Hello radiant friend!

I have an assumption that you 1) want to be healthy, 2) seek to pursue your passion(s) and live the life you deserve, and 3) crave assistance, support, and loving direction to help make that all possible.

Am I right!??


Introducing a long-time coming (I mean, I’ve only been mentioning it the past 3 months) e-book (and available in-print) designed SPECIFICALLY to not only help you with these problems, but cover all your bases on how you can live the life you deserve and experience vibrant health.


Outlined in 12 easy-to-follow steps with beautiful illustrations and inspiration to set you up for success, Inviting in Light is the book you’ve been waiting for. It merges spirituality, holistic health, exercise inspiration, mindfulness, and more to help you not only become a conscious creator, but truly invite in space and opportunity for health and transformation.

In fact, there’s a whole page dedicated to sharing what this glorious gem-of-a-book has to offer, and you can find it right here:

If you’ve long sought assistance to help you utilize your mind to attract what you want, information on how to eat to live a longer, happier life, and inspiration to ‘let go’ of attachments and thrive, you better take a look at what “Inviting in Light” has to offer.

All the best, lovelies!

Amanda Froelich