12 Ways to Travel the World On a Budget

As you sit at your desk, another dreary and boring Tuesday drifts by. This isn’t the life you want. You desire to be free, to learn, to travel, and to be happy. Well my friend, you can. And I’m not here to sell you any bull, I’m here to help you by offering my personal advice and experience on creating this type of life for yourself.

I started out with ambition to travel, but fear of how I would succeed. I had no idea that I would someday run my own business and be able to follow my passions and be able to work from wherever I wanted, but that is what has happened… And I couldn’t be any happier.

But it’s not enough for me just to relay the exciting events of my life (my travel blog Travel Fruit Love), but to help others get to the same place of happiness as well.

So to do just that, I’ve created my E-book called “12 Ways to Travel the World on a Budget”, and believe me, I think it’s worth the small few dollars which keep this site running.

In this book, you’ll explore the following:

You’ll be inspired to accept change, feel empowered with the spiritual practices also shared, and perhaps even recognize a piece of yourself in my story.


You’ll see some of the places I’ve gone, and learn the basic, well-explained techniques of how you, too, can create a life that best serves you…and all on a budget.


It’s quite easy to let this book sell itself, as it’s been planned and executed until perfection so you could have an easy to read, downloadable (PDF), and super cheap book you could learn from…


I want you to experience the bliss I thank God for every day…and it starts by clicking the link below and purchasing this book for only $3.99.

12 Ways to Travel the World on a Budget!
If you’ve dreamt of transcending the 9-5 day paradigm, seek to live life to the fullest, and want to do it without paying outrageous prices, this book is for you.
Learn how Amanda Froelich (a traveling expat who started at age 19) gained valuable experience while lowering her travel bills at the same time. You, too, have opportunity to spend less, experience more, and love the life you live.