Detox December

Congratulations for Signing up for the December Detox!

You’re taking a great step in taking part in Detox December’s month-long program which will include an abundance of information, tips, and the tools necessary to start incorporating more raw and begin detoxifying your life.

I understand you’re busy, which is why I’ll be sending daily emails with small bits of information and a daily recipes to keep you on your journey!

We’ll be doing a 4 week program this December – and it’s intended for the beginner to intermediate individual interested in making healthy living a part of their life!

By subscribing and signing up, you will receive my FREE E-book “22 RAWkin smoothies for a Radiant You!” which will be a great guide, especially in week 1 when we will be doing a smoothie challenge. Please Claim your E-book HERE! —–> 22RawkinSmoothiesFInal (Click the link!)

Week 2 is focusing on finding alternatives’ and introducing more raw recipes into your life.

Week 3 will focus on incorporating more movement (exercise) into your routine while also making time to plan ahead with raw snacks and on-the-go treats.

And Week 4 will round us out by teaching ways to continue choosing healthier options and raw as often as possible!


What can you do until December? Follow along with my website and posts at and try experimenting with some recipes until then!

I’d also appreciate it if you could send the link on my FB site or my post about Detox December to everyone you know who might benefit from learning how to include more living plant foods into their lifestyles! This information will save LIVES and that’s the whole goal of Detox December – help as many people as possible start including more living plant foods into their diet in a way that is stress-free, manageable and easy!

Until then – peace! Expect some emails leading up to the beginning of Detox December and get ready to experience your best health NOW!


<3 and Blessings – Mandy from!