3 Easiest ways to Eat Raw!

3 Easiest ways to Eat Raw!

You’ve likely heard of all the fantastic health benefits of eating morel living (uncooked under 118 degrees) plant foods! From easy weight loss (or balance), better sensations, increased mental clarity, and more – it sounds like a good idea, right? Unfortunately it can be difficult to transition if you’ve spent a portion of your previous days indulging in unhealthy options like McD’s and take-out.

No fear! It’s easier than ever to eat more raw if you follow these three tips!


1) Make your breakfast raw – get a blender, eat a smoothie (like this one-> Green Smoothie), and feel your day dramatically transform. So easy!

2) Plan your snacks! Take raw almonds, Fruit, dehydrated crackers (which a recipe is here and here), fruit, kale chips (recipe here), or easy raw trail mix! (Throw whatever raw goodies you want, like cacao nibs, nuts, cranberries, and more ) and go hit the world! This is a MUST so you don’t go hit up an unhealthy joint.

3) Keep raw foods in your kitchen – get the unhealthy junk out. Let’s be real – if it’s in there, you’ll likely consume it – so at some point you have to be honest with yourself and at least STOP BUYING THE JUNK and start stocking up on the alternatives…like fruit, fruit, fruit, vegetables, leafy greens – and of course fun stuff like miso (for soup), nuts and seeds, and dates  – with fruit, nuts, and dates, you can ALWAYS whip up a raw dessert which will be WAY better for your health than any processed ‘treat’. Here’ s a tasty treat if you’re interested….Click here!


So you see? The 3 easiest ways to eat raw are so simple this post just flew by! Much love – n hugs – no drugs!

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