5 Questions You MUST Ask Yourself Before Embarking on a Healthier Lifestyle

You’ve felt the call to transform, feel inspired to take action, and are ready to immerse yourself in a cleaner, healthier lifestyle… But where do you start? Likely you begin by flipping through random vegetarian cookbooks or health-focused magazines at the library or nearest Barnes and Noble. You might even Google conscious living blogs (like this one!) in effort to learn more about your magnificent body and the many ways you can heal.

While there is no ‘one way’ to move forward – every person has their own unique path – it is my opinion there are five essential questions you must ask yourself before going any further.


Gathering your inspiration(s), pre-meditating the steps you plan to take, and knowing where you are so you may better grasp where you can go will all help you succeed in the long-term.

So go ahead, grab a pen and a pad of paper, and give thoughtful, meaningful answers to each of the five questions. Every week, in a month, or even in a few months – come back to your answers, reflect, and answer them again -noting how you may have changed in such a short period of time.

You deserve to experience vibrant health, love the life you lead, and feel connected with the world around you. It is your passion, purpose, and right to Bloom for Life!

Let the following questions get you started:

  1. Who Are You Doing It For?

    Why are you choosing to live healthier and make positive changes in your life? Is it for yourself or another person? Write down your motivation and keep it with you.

    If you seek to lose weight to reduce your risk for Diabetes so you can be with your kids when they grow up, you’re much more likely to think twice before indulging in less than satisfactory options.


  2. What Makes YOU Happy?

    What hobbies, activities, or work projects make you glow and feel radiant with life? How can you include these more into your daily routine?

  3. What Are Your Goals?

    You’ve obviously got some goals in mind. Map them out! Write them on a white board, post them to your mirror – look at them every day.

  4. How Can Those Around You Be Most Supportive?

    As much as we’d like to be impermeable to those around us, the people we surround ourselves with do make a difference.

    Could you use more support? Speak up! You have a right to share your truth and ask for loving council / affirmation as you consciously choose to live healthier.


  5. What Is a Reasonable Time-line You Hope to Stick to As You Transition Into Cleaner Living?

    You’ve got your goals taped to your mirror, now what are some reasonable dates you’d like to achieve or perceive noticeable results by? Don’t get too attached to them, but keep an open mind and keep a fire lit internally to help you stay strong and ambitious with your plans to positively transform. granola3

Before I work with anyone, I ask them to spend time in silence or contemplation to really answer these questions from an unreserved space of ‘be-ing’.

You deserve lasting health and happiness and can attain it. Have faith in yourself, choose to be a conscious creator, and have the courage to Bloom for Lifebecause you deserve nothing less.


Amanda Froelich