Cheezy Kale Chips

Hey lovelies –

5 Reasons you should make this Cheesy Kale Chips Recipe

1) It’s amazing for your health. Filled with healthy nut fats (which decrease heart disease, are full of omega-3’s), vibrant amounts of vitamin A, and more protein ounce for ounce than beef (from Kale!) this is a snack that you will not only go “mmmmmm!!!” over, but can feel extremely good about eating!

2) Vegan options are much better for the environment – saving tons of water compared to animal product snacks/foods- and reducing the carbon footprint by a TON, (seriously, click the link) you’ll be doing the world (and yourself, kids, and future generations) a justice by opting for the less harmful snack.

3) Its super EASY! Chop up kale, blend up delicious nut cheese, spread and massage on kale, dehydrate = done! Come back in 6-12 hours and you have the most delightful ‘thank you’ for your hard work waiting!

4) It’s Raw! Raw foods are filled with living enzymes, more nutrition, easier to use nutrients, and are easier digested. Fruits and vegetables are also full of fiber (which keep things regular), but also are low in calories and high in water content, making them great foods to achieve and maintain your healthiest looking bod!

5) Change the way you think about Kale. This is probably the best reason. The first time I ate kale chips, I couldn’t believe the green leafy vegetable was staring me in the face and I WANTED to consume it! In a delightful form, this is a great way to eat more greens while enjoying them! Get your family on board with these melt-in-your-mouth kale chips and watch everyone’s health transform!


Cheesy Raw Kale Chips

(-aka melt-in-your-mouth-so-good-kale-chips)



2 bunches of whole kale leaves

1 ½ cups cashews

1 lemon (juiced)

½ cup nutritional yeast (Red Star brand)

1 tsp unrefined sea salt

1 tsp dried herb seasoning (salt-free)

¼ tsp black pepper

dash of cayenne pepper (I also added a dash of garlic powder!)

distilled water (approx. 1/3 cup)


  1. Remove kale stems and cut leaves into palm-size pieces.
  2. Put all other ingredients in a blender, slowly adding water during blending until mixture is a hummus-like consistency.
  3. Massage a liberal amount of the mixture onto both sides of each kale piece, ensuring the mix gets into the creases.
  4. Place coated leaves on teflex sheets and dehydrate for 2 hours.
  5. Remove teflex sheets, turn leaves over, and dehydrate another 2 hours or until leaves are crispy.

Yields approximately 5 cups of kale chips.


This recipe is courtesy of Hallelujah Acres. I love that site, it’s Christian based and full of great people, information, and raw recipes.

I actually made these for work (while making a few adjustments) and they were a HIT. EVERYONE LOVES them.

The really cool thing about this ‘cheeze’ is that not only is it freaking delicious, it gets flaky and ahhhhmazing when dehydrated. The kale will literally melt in your mouth, and you will never have an affair with ‘fake, processed, nacho chips’ again!


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My kitty loves to eat raw – hilarious video to come – and it’s only natural he tries to unpack.

Okra, Purslane, Cucumbers, and more!

My bananas are PERFECT!



 **Did you know? – Purslane is considered a ‘weed’, but is the HIGHEST SOURCE of Omega-3’s in the WORLD! I paid $1 for a bunch, and it tastes delicious, is high in the B vitamins, and in Vitamin A! **

Why buying in BULK and being frugal is awesome. I recieved

<—18 containers of organic grapes for $20 because they were supposidly ‘damaged’ and an entire BOX of Romaine lettuce

—-> for $6 because… well, I don’t really know. It tastes great!

Look around, stores throw TONS of produce away.


And I am a firm believer life happens outside… I took these photos on a 8 mile run, nothing more refreshing in my opinion.


Have you played today?





Hiking Camelback

….And the best snack in the world! I study, drink green soup, and enjoy my okra, tomato, and romaine lettuce as the best treat in the world! 😉  Don’t worry, it took me a long time on my raw journey to get to a place where I enjoy plain fruits and veggies as my main intake.

Enjoy life – you’re worth it!

Mandy & Fruitarian Kitty. <3