5 Worrisome Habits That Are Hurting Your Health

Oh boy, with a title like that, things are getting serious! Just kidding – while this is an important article for many reasons, worry is a tendency no one needs in their life.

So forget the worry, and instead get ready to become inspired! We’re here to teach about holistic living and natural health so that you can create your happiest life in a way that best suits you.

Shall we get started?

If you want to boost your health, you’ll be sure to stray away from these habits.

1) Spending more time on the cell phone than with those around you.

You’ve seen it, done it, and may disdain it, but more likely than not still fall habit to checking your cell phone every two minutes or shoving your nose into it while on the bus.

C’mon people.


We are missing so much by allowing our focus be directed to technological toys, rather than true, heartfelt interaction with others and the Earth.

The games and toys many give their energy to have been created by others. What can you create?

The people that are in your life will not always be here. What could you learn from them today, or do so that both of you enjoy yourselves without a screen?

It’s time people stop connecting and start communicating – this is key for feeling more self confidence and appreciation for all of life. Plus, such attitude has been shown to boost one’s health!

2) Worrying.

It’s not only annoying to lay in bed thinking about all you have to accomplish the next day, it’s bad for one’s health.

Some of the implications of ongoing anxiety include: fatigue (due to constant release of adrenaline), poor sleep, diminished appetite (or in some cases binge eating), dependence on alcohol and drugs, and feeling ‘less than’ because you’re always struggling to keep up with the ideals you have placed for yourself.

Snap out of it. You have nothing to worry about – it’s already been proven 98% of what you do worry about never happens anyways. Plus you need to keep your thoughts sharp and optimistic, for your present reality is a reflection of your previous thoughts.

If you’re not aware of the Law of Attraction, check out some of Louise Hay’s works. She has an awesome set of cards ( Power Thought Cards: A 64 Card Deck (Box Set) ) that can help you easily settle that mind and let go of anxiety.

Let go of the thoughts and tendencies that do not serve you…


3) Not sleeping enough.

Sleep is a regenerative necessity that far too many people miss out on.

Whether by choice or consequence from poor health, missing out on regular Zzz’s has ugly repercussions.

Not getting enough sleep has been shown to decrease one’s IQ, depress the mood, lower the immune system, lower libido, and contribute to other ill effects.


Make it a habit to do work outside of your bedroom. Also set a time every night that you will go to bed. I know, a bed time? It helps. Even if it’s late, your body loves a schedule and needs its rest.

Finally, eat healthier and exercise; these are the top two ways to get rest every night and remedy the cause as to why you’re not sleeping enough.

4) Not showing – or being shown – enough love!

All creatures in the Universe seek to be loved – that’s because at the Source of it all, everything is all love! (How awesome, right?)

And interestingly enough, those without social ties, support, or regular human interaction (and touch!) suffer health-wise as well.

It is talked about in depth within John Robbin’s book “Healthy at 100” that single, non-smoking men who do not have a loving partner have the same risk for developing diseases of affluence as smoking men with a loving partner and strong societal ties.

Having love in your life – and giving it as well – is extremely important. Who have you told you love recently?

Check out his book here:


5) Failing to Give Thanks

The more we give, the more we receive. But until we can acknowledge and perceive the gifts we have already been gifted, we will never be happy.

If you’re constantly seeking to attain more and more without actually understanding  why you want it… then you are chasing the ‘idea’ of happiness and will never have such desire satiated.

Happiness is not an item, a location, or a big work promotion.

It is a feeling and state of being that already exists within you, but you must be willing to do the work to recognize it and invite it into your life.

Only then will you realize you really don’t need much, and you can be happy with very little. This is key for creating a life that serves you and helps you glow.



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