6 Adverse Symptoms I Experienced Experimenting With Paleo vs Vegan Diet

Hi, everyone!

Remember seven months ago when I alerted followers, etc… about my switch to a still predominantly plant-based diet with the incorporation of animal products? It was titled “Why I Am NOT Vegan”

I’m all about experimenting and experiencing, and, therefore, gave everyone a ‘heads up’, so to speak, regarding that change.

Well, it’s been a while, and I have a lot to report.


Four months after that post, I ended up transitioning back to a predominantly (99%) live food, plant-based diet, and the following symptoms I’m sharing below cleared up almost immediately. Really, it was crazy. 

While there is still one concern about getting enough K2, D3, and high-quality vitamin A on a vegan (and raw) diet, I do feel my best ever, and like that I don’t have to calorie count or restrict as when I was experimenting with Paleo and Primal diets.

That said, these were the 5 changes I experienced:

1) Regret and Sadness

Eh – regarding the ethics, I was still feeling a bit shameful about eating animals, but the only way I could justify it was by reminding myself it was for ‘health’ reasons. Each to their own, but this is #1, because I believe all of life is sacred – even though, yes, “life thrives on life”… But I prefer plants anyways.

Now I can happily abide by the knowing that a vegan diet is better for the environment (and my conscience), and just… feel more resound knowing I’m not contributing to suffering more than necessary.

2) Dandruff

Gross, I know. But when you consume too much protein, which taxes your kidneys and causes the lymphatic system to become congested (hence, pushing it out the pores = acne, dandruff, etc…) your body will do what it can to eliminate it.

This. was. the. worst. As soon as I switched pretty much all veggie, it was gone within 1-3 days. Carrots

3) Acne

I’m still a believer in the power of bone broths to heal the gut (which pretty much boosts everything else), but the high-protein, high-fat diet did not do well for my skin. I started breaking out on my low-back (toxin overload, sluggish GI tract) and along my entire spine – eek.

Now that I’m predominantly vegan again, my skin is better than it has been in years. I also drink a TON of water now, though, so that’s also another benefit. (Though I was drinking a LOT then).

4) I’m Happier Eating + Living Vegan

I, again, have more energy, and have little problem waking up clear and excited – full of energy and look forward to my meals. Greens, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, etc… I’m elated to eat simply and feel GREAT, and that makes me happy.

5) I Began To Need Supplements For Digestion

To try and cope with some of the symptoms, I started taking.. supplements. HCL + Betaine enzymes to break down the proteins (which helped my skin and head situation quite a bit), enzymes (because I was eating a lot of cooked food), and a few others – but those were the main ones.

Now I indulge in herbal tinctures, still take K2 and D3 in bio-available form, and experiment with medicinal mushrooms (Chaga, Reishi), but have NO need for the digestive aids – thank God.

6) Being Smelly :/

Yes, most ‘hippies’ you meet tell you there’s no reason to wear deodorant, and that’s it is actually harmful (though there are some great, natural ones out on the market now)… but when I was paleo/primal – eeeeesh, I had to wear deodorant or I couldn’t work out and not be embarrassed.

Now I rarely need it or use it. (When you’re clean inside, you’re green inside – and greens are the #1 thing I eat! :)


I did learn a lot from this experiment, and that’s why I feel compelled to share all this with you. Sure, it might be ‘embarrassing’, but it might help someone as well.

Again, I just want to remind you of the age old truth: You are what you eat. Be mindful and decide what you want to be and feel like, as well as do and create in your life. <3


Amanda Froelich