About Bloom for Life

Hello beautiful friend, and welcome to Bloom for Life! This site is an online holistic wellness hub and personal business of Amanda Froelich, RHN, ISD-certified Detoxification Specialist, ACE-certified Personal Trainer, plant-based and live food chef, energy healer, world traveler, and enthusiastic lover of life!

But this site isn’t about Amanda, in fact – it’s meant to be completely about you! “Me, why me?!” you may wonder. Well, because for real, true, and lasting (positive) change to take place in this world, every individual needs to be inspired and feel empowered to make positive transformational choices in their own life. (If you are interested in Amanda’s story, however, click here)


When we begin to treat ourselves with love and respect, we naturally feel better and begin to look out for those around us as well. Imagine if the entire world knew the importance of being connected to the Source (the almighty Creator), so that all limitations could fall away and they would feel their best. We may do this by living more mindfully, consuming healthier foods, engaging sustainable alternatives, and uplifting our relationships with others – with the focus on “being the change” so that all beings may thrive.

While this is an optimistic vision, those who support the positive works of Bloom for Life see it as an attainable goal in some way. In fact, while this website is dedicated to sharing a bounty of free resources (like recipes, articles, and more!), Amanda is in league with some of the most brilliant conscious-creating minds out there today – both sides aiming to (lovingly) free the collective consciousness and inspire radical, holistic change in positive ways.

One such relation and example is the non-profit Organics 4 Orphans, which is located in Kenya, Africa. This organization is teaching rural and poverty-stricken locations how to grow their own organic, bio-dynamic food, as well as how to safe-guard their own health with herbal remedies, and boost their immune system naturally by eating cleaner (less processed, less poor quality animal foods) with great success!

Because businesses like these are completely in line with the type of work Amanda seeks to partake in, 20% of ALL sales generated through this website go to support this organization (which also secures 100% of their income to support developments and communities). What a beautiful wheel of love, right?


By choosing to Bloom for Life, you are choosing to:

1)   Take responsibility for your own health and actions.

Amanda believes that any affliction has a root cause – always more than the physical – and knows that with faith, healthful change, and an optimistic attitude, anyone can heal. In addition, it is Bloom for Life’s belief that we all create our own reality (Law of Attraction),and have the power of galaxies to improve our own experience. Once we accept responsibility and invite in the light for positive change, magical things can happen. (See Inviting in Light – the book – in the Wellness Shop)

2)   Let Go of Limitations Accepted in the Past (“I am not worthy; I am not good-looking enough; I can’t do that…”) to ACCEPT your unlimited capabilities and thrive.

YOU are powerful and can do anything. Bloom for Life is dedicated to helping you realize this and take action to create the life you desire.

3)   Do your best – for it is how you do anything that you do everything.

All you need to get started is an open mind and an optimistic heart that change can happen, and in your favor.

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You can create the life you desire, as it is your priority and purpose to hold back no longer. Allow yourself to Bloom for Life today!