bloomingraw2About Mandy Blooms Raw:

Mandy Blooms Raw is a website, blog, recipe and informational archive, and community of health-conscious individuals looking to enliven their lives through healthy eating with raw, vegan food. Focused on inspiring the individual to add delicious, plant-based, high-vibrational cuisine, the site shares free information, recipes, and delightful pictures that add to the experience eating a vegan, uncooked diet can have.

People that view Mandy Blooms Raw seek information on healthy living, raw vegan recipes, the science behind such a diet, and inspiration for living healthier.

Who are the readers:

*Mainly 20 – 65 years old

*Inspired Healthy Eaters

* Seekers of alternative health

* Lovers of Life

* Those looking for affordable recipes

Where are the readers from?

* A total of 20 Countries

* US followers are #1

* Canada is #2 with 22 followers

What are the readers interested in?

*Plant Based living Articles

*Easy-to-follow, yet delicious raw vegan recipes

* Personal development and transformations from others on a natural diet

* Interesting facts and items pertaining to Holistic Health-conscious

How many readers are we talking about?

*22,363 views as of April 15, 2013

*Monthly average of 3,000 views/month

*The number of followers continues to increase about 25/month without any SEO ranking

* Alexa Ranking: Not available

What does 2013 have to offer?

*More variety of raw and vegan recipes as I travel internationally and partner with Passiflora_MollissimaPlant Based Nation and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities

* Traveling Raw on a budget

* Introducing low-fat raw recipes with an emphasis on health

More Information

*View the author’s profile

*View the 2012 Annual Report

* Download an overview of the blog here


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Why should you advertise with Mandy Blooms Raw?

Being a personal blog and recipe resource website, Mandy Blooms Raw is unique in the fact that it draws a wide variety of readrs who are interested not only in their health, but the humble journey of another traveler through life.

Being full of modest, affordable, and free information, Mandy Blooms Raw a great site to advertise your vegan friendly, raw-emphasis, holistic-minded business or product with. Your business will surely bloom with a wider gained audience and partnership with Amanda Froelich.

Thank you!