How I Afford to Live & Eat Healthy


When I go out and shop for my kitchen, I am usually the pickiest foodie I know.

I choose not to consume processed / packaged foods (pretty much anything pre-made), animal products (and if so, they must pass mega inspection / value tests) artificial sweeteners, GMOs, or refined, pasteurized, and sugary drinks.

I’ll say “NO” fast food, booze, and gas station fare… and will almost ALWAYS plan ahead and pack my lunch or smoothie to-go if I know I’m going to be out for the day.


An avid traveler, I’ll usually choose to forego food if it isn’t up to my standards… and that can unfortunately be often.

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It sounds like a life of restriction, but to me it is the farthest thing from that. For when I pick and choose what foods I’ll consume, I am consciously acknowledging my worth and deciding to choose LIFE (not addiction) – and that is freeing.

What I choose to eat has nothing to do with how much I ‘make’ money-wise. I am by no means ‘rich’ if scrutinized by today’s standards… but I feel wealthy beyond belief because I have everything I could need thanks to living simply.


I splurge on Stevia, not designer handbags.

I save up for kitchen toys, not nights out at the bar or take-away food options.

I live consciously DAY to DAY because such behavior fuels me and allows me to feel better than ever.

Light and healthy, I have more energy (and want) to create, and don’t seek to be with propaganda. Inspired, I don’t need material goods to provide me with a sense of worth: I feel completion in spirituality.


And in effect of putting healthy living first, I can afford MORE! More health, vibrancy, thought, inspiration, wiser relationships, happiness

I will never be one who minimizes my food budget to buy things like the latest IPhone, flat-screen TV, or new car because I know that to minimize this important aspect of life will make me (all of us) pay later on.


I CHOOSE to put my health first for $1-5 more per day and reap the benefits in the present AND future. This action will also save me a lot of money later on (considering that the average medical bill for one year and one person being treated allopathically for preventable issues in the US is $75,000 – $110,000).

How I Afford to Live & Eat Healthy

Simply: I CHOOSE to and make it happen.

  • I recognize that food is my medicine, and that I deserve to be healthy.
  • I understand that money is just energy, and if I keep a mentality of abundance it will continue to flow into my life.
  • I CHOOSE to cut out common splurges (like television, car maintenance, daily cappuccinos, etc…) and instead invest in myself and education.
  • I cut out things I don’t need and choose to be GRATEFUL in the moment when I have the opportunity to get things like spirulina, coconut oil, hemp and chia seeds, and other fun (and healthy) kitchen staples.

I CHOOSE to eat and live healthy because I love it, and such priority awards me in many ways. Instead of viewing fast food as efficient and ‘normal’, I rationalize that what is actually more efficient is to invest energy every day into what will become my body within the next.

I think it is much more intelligent to come in contact with my food, connect with its Source, prepare it with love, and experience heightened vibrancy from forethought and planning head.


I have – by CHOOSING to – put my health first, found self-appreciation, healing, creativity, wisdom, love, and realization that MY truth is what matters most to me.


And I wanted to share this for you to be inspired and figure out what YOUR truth is for you… Because that, my friends, is PRICELESS.


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Bloom for Life!

You Deserve to Live a Life You Love. xo

Amanda Froelich