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Hey everyone! I apologize for the infrequency of blogging about food and stuff. As you may have read, this last week I moved to Phoenix. I have video footage I might put together to create a little interesting tidbit, but anyways, here’s the basics.

It’s a 21 hour drive. I did it in 24. Bad-ass, I know. Little sleep later, I got an apartment in a great place for a great price, furnished it sparingly through second hand stores and garage sales (I love thrifty nifty deals), and began working at the Pomegranate Café.

What I really care about - my Kitchen!

My oriental dining seating. Broken in with some Miso soup & Nori wrap with sprouted sunflower seeds.

I even started my own little balcony garden. (So proud!)

Who says you can't grow in the city?

Freshly potted. There are so many Nurseries around here, it's awesome!

Too many tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, peaches, lettuce…wait, what am I saying? You can never have enough!

I’m so blessed to work at this amazing job.

I get the great opportunity to create raw food desserts (like Key Lime Pie), raw snickers bars, and any type of pastry you can imagine, and also work on the Line creating delectable dishes. Honestly, this café is by far one of my favorites in the area. (Not just saying that because I work here and want you to come check it out).

Bad lighting - cell phone pic.

(Pomegranate Café, btw)


The people are so friendly (although not everyone in Phoenix is, I’m finding out). And amazing and creative people populate this area, so that’s a plus. It’s definitely 5 shades different from SD’s stagnant atmosphere.

I went to  Chakra 4 Tea House & Vegetarian restaurant and got a delightful tea. It’s so fancy! (And amazingly delish)

Oh – and the best part. (I’m going to gloat). I get a meal every day and the food is so amazing (99% organic), lots of raw options, and portions are so big I barely ever have to buy my own food. (Which is a plus, if like me you spend a lot on healthy, raw food).

A typical huge salad I might bring home has raw Caesar or miso dressing, is loaded with greens, garbanzo beans, beets, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, pico de gala, quinoa, etc. It’s an amazing set up.

It’s tough work, and I barely stop moving during a 8-10 hour shift, but it’s worth it and I feel so accomplished after a day’s over… not to mention I can’t wait to go back again! This is where focus and precision play a great part.

Anyways – I’m finally back to a good schedule, so hopefully I’ll be whipping out a few new recipes/posts each week….. speaking of, make sure to subscribe so you can get notified when I post the recipe…

Raw Banana Split Dessert Trio Rolls

Yeah- be amazed.


In all seriousness, though, you may be wondering, “How did she do it? And how can I get to a place where amazing things happen to me all the time?”

I’m going to be honest, folks. It took a LOT of work – but by following manifestation techniques, staying positive, and applying at probably 100 places, I found a diamond in a coal mine. I work hard, and if you have a drive for excellence, whatever you want to do in life, you CAN achieve it.

Be persistent! Show people you’re worth it, and keep up with manifestation (vision board, positive thinking, affirmations), and great things WILL happen.

Thanks for reading, and stay in touch for more great things to come. If you like this website, why not subscribe? (Up top by email or Facebook!)