Bloom for Life is Now By-Donation!

Hey there wonderful friend!

That’s right! As of now, all products and services are available by-donation now on Bloom for Life! 


For the longest time I’ve always wanted to operate by God’s law, allowing clientele to flow into my life as needed and receive services at a rate that best fits their budget… And now Bloom for Life is taking that leap!

That means that EVERY product you see in the Shop area, including the awesome products summarized below, are now available By DONATION! If you can only spare $1, that’s fine!

When things get caught up in Boulder, as well (where I’m presently residing) Skype and In-person consults will ALSO be by-donation!


The purpose of creating ALL products and offering various services is to help YOU, and I have faith that the right stipend or exchange of energy for helping you in whatever way you require will flow back to Bloom for Life.

This is one of the greatest ways I know how to pay it forward, so I’d like to ask you to PLEASE take a look below and check out whatever you fancy.

Remember, you DO deserve to live a life you love. Get started with some of the resources below! 


Inviting In Light

Inviting in Light is a book that teaches about living healthier and transforming the mind so the external can mirror the healed and nourished inside. You can be healed, experience exhilarating happiness, and live the life you desire because you deserve nothing less! It is your purpose to follow your passion, live vibrantly, and embody your best self. Inviting in Light is the book that teaches how all this is possible – plus how you can get started today! Check it out here. 

7-Day Menu Plan

You’re taken care of with this 7 Day Menu Plan.You’ll not only receive the Healthy Living FAQ to understand more about what you’re doing in the kitchen (plus what tools you’ll need), but a complete whole food, plant-based menu plan overview, a handy chart to stick to your fridge, two shopping lists (depending on how much time you want to spend in the kitchen), ALL recipes beautifully laid out (and made easy-to-follow), AND a bonus Dessert E-book with three tantalizing recipes you can whip up in a jiff. Check it out here!

Bloom Raw On A Budget!

Ready to Bloom for Life but lack the funds? No worries – this E-book is all about how you can utilize what you have to thrive! Learn how to get more fresh produce for less, create low-cost living food recipes, and even re-discover the basics of how to create magic in the kitchen. Check it out here! 


(Ultimate Living Foods Guide)

Part 1 (The Basics)

You also can receive this e-book for FREE by signing up for the newsletter (above, to the side, or below). Get a free pantry list and learn ALL the basics when it comes to making food your medicine. Feel comfortable in your own kitchen, start experimenting with simple recipes, and give yourself permission to Bloom for Life! Check it out here. 

Part 2 (Juices & Smoothies)

Part 2 of the Ultimate Living Foods Guide! This e-book has over 40+ Juice and Smoothie Recipes to help you master the blender and juicer, and create glowing health in no time at all. Check it out here. 


12 Ways To Travel The World On A Budget!

I’ve lived and worked abroad for the past 2 1/2 years – thriving in exotic locations like Costa Rica and Thailand while doing what I love. But I’m not an exception, I truly believe EVERYONE can live doing what they love and travel the world if that is what they desire. This book includes 12 steps that have helped me travel on a budget and be a social entrepreneur. If you’re not where to starting making your work you passion and purpose, then I suggest you check out this book – click here!


My intention is to publish a new resource / recipe guide every 1-2 months, so check back, sign up for the newsletter, and follow Bloom for Life on social media so you can stay up-to-date with all the latest by-donation offerings!

xoxo Namaste, 

Amanda Froelich