Bloom Raw…On a Budget E-Book

You’ve embarked on the raw diet..and in one week spent your monthly grocery budget. How do people eat all this fresh food and still stay within budget limits??

Hi, I’m Amanda, creator (and chef!) of . To answer these questions and help YOU overcome the error of spending far too much money on fresh produce as well as your typical raw food staples, I’ve created an E-book with you in mind.


Bloom Raw…On a Budget is not a typical ‘book’. It’s FILLED with the right kind of information to help you get as much produce for as little cost as possible.

Imagine – leaving a bulk produce warehouse with a box of bananas, 8 containers of Organic blueberries, a box of Kale, a container of zucchini, tomatoes, and oranges for less than $50.

I’m not pulling your leg – this is what I was experiencing every week when I was living on my own at 18, working full-time as a raw vegan chef, and trying to get as much food as I could for as little money as possible, because I KNEW that what I ate affected my overall health… and using the tips in the book such as:



Top 11 Most Affordable Raw and Vegan Staples

How to Get More Produce for Less

Money-Saving Tip to Re-Use and Waste Less

I was wasting little, reducing my carbon footprint, was (and still am!) healthier than ever, and most importantly, had more money. If I was shopping at Whole Foods, I’d easily blow all my paycheck in one week..and unfortunately this is what most people do!

If you don’t know HOW to shop or WHAT to get, you’ll likely end up spending way too much.


In this E-book, I also share some excellent resource guides to get you started into the raw and vegan lifestyle…such as:

FAQ on Mind, Body, and Spirit

What is Raw – and why would someone eat that way?

Kitchen Tools & Equipment



See right above? That’s the Table of Contents of this fabulous book. It’s the second revision of my initially published book, and this one is better quality, has gorgeous pictures, delicious recipes, and of course all the information you need to thrive RAW on a budget.


There are two parts to this book – All About Raw …and All About Budgeting. Both are important if you’re going to succeed with this lifestyle, and that’s the mission of this book.

In this guide, I share 20 recipes that utilize the tips and staples shared in the book! They range from donut holes (which use easy to find and very affordable Flax seed) to Raw Pasta.



All recipes are simple, to the point, and are incredibly easy and delicious! The lifestyle of abundance doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive..and that’s what this book proves.


To share this information, I have it available as an actual BOOK for sale here, or for a much more affordable PDF download (which affordability is the mission of this book!) for only $8.99. font>


Imagine cutting grocery costs substantially, getting leaner and trimmer, having amazing energy, and having much more money in your wallet eating a high-vibrational, healing, plant-based diet!

It truly is possible, and this book will show HOW! Bloom Raw…On a Budget!



Reviews will be posted soon, so check back if you’re not quite sure if you want to save a lot of money on the Raw Lifestyle yet or not. 😉


Enliven your life with Fruits and Vegetables!

XOXO Amanda