Blueberry-Apple Sauce! Treat yourself with this!

What do you do when you have FAR too many blueberries? (Wait – is it possible to have too many blueberries???)


As I share in my video below (as well as some insight on getting rid of mucus), I was lucky enough to get 4 flats of ORGANIC blueberries for $8…

but that also means being the solo individual in my place – I needed to figure out how to eat them!


1)There’s the typical way, you know… sit there and eat them from the container. That works well.

2) Blend them in everything – except certain savory dishes. Smoothies, Puddings, Apple Sauce…

3) Freeze them. But I won’t do that – because right now they’re fresh and yummy.

4) Eat nothing but blueberries for days on end.

Obviously there’s been some mixing and matching with my options. And although I love the little buggers – full of vitamin A, K, Phyto-nutrients, Anti-oxidants – it can get a little boring eating them the same way.

Who am I to complain, though, right!? And because of that – here’s a delicious raw apple sauce you must try the next time you find yourself with lots of apples, blueberries, and a craving for a delicious and healthy snack, dessert, or breakfast.


Blueberry-Apple Sauce!


1 Container Blueberries

4 Apples, Cored and chopped up

1 tsp cinnamon



Blend in a high-speed blender or combine in a food processor.


Enjoy, get giddy, get super excited, and really, really enjoy this super-simple blueberry apple sauce. This is why I love nature – so easy but freaking yummy!

Off to eat more blueberries…


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Love <3 Mandy


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