Buy Bulk – Eat cheap Raw! – Fruitarian Cat, Athletics, & Food (of course)

Hey Hey!

A lot of info – so I promise not to blab. Guess what!? More amazing findings at the Farmer’s Market:

Cheap (pesticide-free) Kale!!<– That makes me Happppeh!

 Exciting, right!? Just because becoming ‘certified’ Organic is ridiculously expensive. ($10,000 a YEAR!) – doesn’t mean people aren’t producing ethical, environmentally friendly, and deliciously healthy produce! My FAVORITE = Watermelon. What better way to support?

Ah – so refreshing to support local farmers and feel good about your wallet at the end of the day, too!


And on to my Fruitarian Cat. Yes, he attacks me for Watermelon. And believe it or not – I woke up in the morning to part of the rind GNAWED off. Mhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I actually have so many videos of him eating watermelon, I’m going to create a video (with scary monster music)  and upload it to Youtube. (I will then become rich when it hits 5,000,000 views).

He also loves green soup, green smoothies, grapes, and basically any food I eat. Gotta love him.

And speaking of Youtube….

I just posted a new video of how you can save a LOT of $$$ by buying Bulk. I recently found a produce warehouse in the area and believe me, I saved a LOT of money on my produce bill by buying the foods I mainly eat.

View my new Video HERE –> Subscribe!

Now, now, you may not eat as much fruit as I do -and that’s okay! We’re each on our own journeys. So what you can do is buy a huge box of spinach, kale, celery, mangoes, bananas, grapes…etc.. (Whatever!) and split it with your neighbors or other friends who like produce as much as you! You’ll cut the cost off your grocery list and can save up for something else. (Like paying off debt, huh, America?)

…And Athletics

To many it’s nothing new I love activities: In fact, right now I’m playing on 3 different Adult Soccer Leagues in the Arizona area, am an avid runner, and love doing Pylometric (rather, love what it does for me) workouts.

And when I eat a high-carb, low fat diet, I have AMAZING results. It’s no difficult feat to score over 3 goals EVERY SOCCER GAME (jaw drop) now… while outracing everyone. Then climbing the most difficult mountain in the area – Camelback (!) – before work… or jogging afterwards.

I’m always rewarded with beautiful scenery!

And always making time for Studying!!! (Glucose fuels brain!)

All in all – Go raw, Charge your inner athlete- and fricken crush it, man.

Because I’m being kicked out of the library – let me just finish with this picture!

Using This recipe from my video, use the cheese, add some zucchini, some lettuce, and make a Zucchini Taco Wrap instead! Yay!

Much love!