31 Photos From My Safari Trip In Maasai Mara [Kenya, Africa]

Hey, traveler! Have you ever been inspired to travel to Kenya, Africa, and go on a safari? It’s on most peoples’ bucket lists, and for good reason. There’s something so magical about Africa. Not only are the people beautiful and good-hearted (overall), the wilderness is vast and diverse, a Read More →

5 Travel Tips You Must Remember Or Will Be Forced To Re-Learn…

It happened in just five seconds. I saw the half-breed dog, staring into the hostel’s kitchen. He had a bandanna around his neck, so I figured he was a local who was cared for. Without even a second thought, I reached out to pet the bristly fur on his back. Half of a second later, his mouth w Read More →

What $20 Means To You, Versus Someone In Kenya, Africa

Hey, everyone. Long time no blog posts, I know. Why is this?Because I am happy. Simply, happy and occupied writing, creating healthy cooking videos for the non-profit Organics4Orphans, and learning what it means to live on little and enjoy life every bit as much. I’m in Kenya, Africa righ Read More →