15 Self-Help Books That Changed My Life [Recommendations]

Until we have the opportunity to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, it can be very difficult to glimpse life through a different lens and see our own creation experience in an objective way. Fresh perspective, in my opinion, is probably the greatest gift in the world. Why? Because until we ta Read More →

How I Afford To Travel & Live A Life I Love

Q & A time! I have received the questions “How do you afford to travel?” and “What do you do for income?” soooooooo many times in the past few years, I figure it’s time to elaborate – again. I published a book called “12 Ways To The World On A Budget” a few years ago, Read More →

How To Sync Your Circadian Rhythm When Traveling

Hey, there!  Well, five more days and I’m off! Off to the land of coconuts, to the city of conscious, minded individuals… to the island of Bali!  I am so stoked, words cannot comprehend the excitement (and, okay, bit of apprehension) at the upcoming adventure, but I know whatever happens, Read More →

Kuta Beach, Bali + Bali Fruit Fest Gathering

Hey lovely friends, The other day my friend Kelsea and I made an impromptu trip to Canggu, Bali (northern Kuta) and enjoyed the beach as well as an awesome gathering with some newly-discovered friends. For the Bali Fruit Fest (which, yes, is a bunch of wonderful conscious eaters g Read More →

5 Ways to Eat More Greens While Traveling!

Hey radiant reader! Guess what? As shared on my travel blog, I’m currently in transit right now from Costa Rica to the States, and have found one of the most difficult obstacles while traveling to be finding GREENS! You know – leafy, crunchy, hydrating, vitamin & mineral-rich green Read More →