Southeast Asia


A Walk With Spirit In The Rice Paddies of Ubud, Bali

Spirit woke me up to go on a walk this afternoon. After getting my work online done sooner than expected, there was little to do except meditate – and fall asleep for an after-lunch nap. (Yes, I’m one of those people) When I came out of the sleepy dream daze, the sun was just beginning to s Read More →

5 Travel Tips You Must Remember Or Will Be Forced To Re-Learn…

It happened in just five seconds. I saw the half-breed dog, staring into the hostel’s kitchen. He had a bandanna around his neck, so I figured he was a local who was cared for. Without even a second thought, I reached out to pet the bristly fur on his back. Half of a second later, his mouth w Read More →

5 Tips For Traveling To South East Asia

So… you want to venture to Thailand, Cambodia, or Bali, eh?  Well, my friend, you’re in for a TREAT. Having explored all three of these destinations for weeks to months on end, there is a bit of wisdom I’ll gladly share with you so you have the most glorious experience ever. First, there Read More →

Estimated (Monthly) ‘Cost Of Living’ As An Expat In Bali

“But I’m too broke to travel,” “Travel is expensive…” “I could never do that”… Have you heard these before, or worse, stated them yourself? Let me tell you something, friend. If you argue for your limitations, you GET to hold on to them. That’s one of the basic rules of Read More →

Exploring Monkey Forest In Ubud, Bali [Photos]

Okay, folks. Try not to squeal too loudly. Believe it or not, I spent two whole months in Bali before finally venturing to Monkey Forest …and, let’s be honest. It really wasn’t that far away (I rode my back to and from the tourist attraction). Joined by my friend Jared (who had alrea Read More →

Kuta Beach, Bali + Bali Fruit Fest Gathering

Hey lovely friends, The other day my friend Kelsea and I made an impromptu trip to Canggu, Bali (northern Kuta) and enjoyed the beach as well as an awesome gathering with some newly-discovered friends. For the Bali Fruit Fest (which, yes, is a bunch of wonderful conscious eaters g Read More →