Stop Viewing People Like They Are ‘Things’. Do This Instead {Poetry}

Hey, lovelies. Recently, I was watching a video of an extraordinary 12-year-old belting out a Sia song on stage and was absolutely blown away by her talent. At the same time, I took notice or her beautiful dress, the confidence she portrayed when singing in front thousands of people, and felt inspi Read More →

Why You Should Create A Vision Board (And How To Get Started!)

I remember being introduced to the concept of ‘vision boards’ when I was in the 9th grade. My psychology teacher, Mrs. Robinson, had our class watch The Secret which essentially explains the largely misunderstood “Law of Attraction.” She later gave the assignment to create a vision board. I Read More →

An Open Letter To Any Woman Who Has Ever Hated Her Body

Note: I recently gave a talk at South Dakota’s FIRST annual yoga conference on the topic of self-acceptance and healing your relationship with food. Rarely have I opened up about my past, but when I did at this event, I was approached by several women who could identify with everything I had gone Read More →

20 Points Of Pain In The Body And The Correlating Emotions That Cause Them

From a Western medicine perspective, you - the soul or spirit that inhabits your physical form - are comprised of organs, flesh, blood, lymph fluid, bones, and more - basically a bunch of cells. However, nothing could be further from the truth. When one begins to study quantum physics, it beco Read More →

5 Benefits I Experienced Shortly After Adopting A Plant-Based Diet

The first time I tried to make a healthy green soup, it didn’t turn out well. In fact, the first two weeks of my ‘vegan adventure’ were a huge mess. Granted, I was fifteen and adamant that everything I tossed into the blender or chopped up and threw into a pan on the stove would miraculousl Read More →

How To Deal With Other Peoples’ Anger

Anger is, without a doubt, one of the harshest, unhealthiest, and most painful emotions there is on this planet. It is literally the absence of Source/God, and, in turn, is an emotional thought form of decay and pain which contributes - and attracts - the same if we focus and internalize it too long Read More →

Where In The World Is Amanda??

Hey beautiful friend, As you may have noticed, there are no events planned for the near future! Why is this?  Well, I am at a point in my life right now where I am focusing a lot on traveling (which I blog about on www.SeraphicJourney.com), writing, and finishing school. A lot is changing in Read More →

15 Self-Help Books That Changed My Life [Recommendations]

Until we have the opportunity to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, it can be very difficult to glimpse life through a different lens and see our own creation experience in an objective way. Fresh perspective, in my opinion, is probably the greatest gift in the world. Why? Because until we ta Read More →

The Human Purr – And What This Means For Spiritual Wellness

  Note: The following information is my (Amanda Froelich's) opinion, based on personal experience, studies, and insights delivered clairvoyantly through meditation. I do not expect every lesson to resonate with each individual, and obviously as we are dealing with the realm of emotion (feel Read More →

Bloom for Life is Now By-Donation!

Hey there wonderful friend! That's right! As of now, all products and services are available by-donation now on Bloom for Life!  For the longest time I've always wanted to operate by God's law, allowing clientele to flow into my life as needed and receive services at a rate that Read More →

This Is How A Shaman Would Diagnose Your Problems…

A glorious friend recently sent me the following piece which was first published by Elephant Journal, but it’s so awesome I just have to share (...pretty much everything on their site is stellar). The following was constructed by Dr. Angeles Arrien, an incredible cultural anthropologist, and it Read More →

A Message From Our Oceans

Everything is connected: this is recognized as spiritual truth, measured by quantum physics, and is a logical knowing thanks to science and statistics… Therefore it makes sense that we – being part of the perfection Source is – when in tune with our alignment, are able to tap into ‘higher co Read More →