Sculpting Ideal Body Composition w/ Christopher Gardner

Hey friends, Today I bring you a guest blog from my good friend and inspiration, Christopher (‘Topher’) Gardner. I met Topher at the Farm of Life in Costa Rica, where I lived and worked as a chef for over a year and a half.  EVERY single conversation I had with this guy left my head spi Read More →

6 Ways To Remedy Food Waste & Use Your Leftovers

As a freelance writer for a few alternative media sites, I’ve been covering a lot of food-waste articles of late, and feel it is a very important issue we could all learn more about and get involved with. If you’ll click here, you’ll read about France’s recent legislation which is now mak Read More →

11 Simple Psychological Tricks To Eat Less & Lose Weight

I find the conundrum of developed societies gaining weight (and having an irritable, difficult time ‘losing it’) to be a fascinating study. What I find most interesting about it is that unhealthy eating habits are largely linked to emotional/psychological causes. This is something most peo Read More →

“Doing Good & Living Green” w/ Rob Greenfield

It was a humid day in Costa Rica when I first heard from Rob Greenfield – an American-born environmental activist, writer, adventurer, and self-proclaimed “do-gooder”. A fellow writer for True Activist, he first asked me to cover a piece on his latest endeavor to fly to Panama City and find hi Read More →

9 “Must-Haves” For the Healthy Household

I flipped open the lid of my suitcase and looked at the small cubby of space staring back at me. 2 weeks until I leave Bangkok, Thailand (and travel to Cambodia before Kenya, Africa), and I have somehow accumulated more items than I can carry… yet still have a wish list of what I would love to bri Read More →

A Message From Our Oceans

Everything is connected: this is recognized as spiritual truth, measured by quantum physics, and is a logical knowing thanks to science and statistics… Therefore it makes sense that we – being part of the perfection Source is – when in tune with our alignment, are able to tap into ‘higher co Read More →

Recommended Documentary: Cowspiracy

Hey lovely, You know how we focus a lot on healthy eating, mindfulness, and social entrepreneurism on this site so you feel inspired and supported to live more sustainably and create a life you love? The inspiration to cover all these things comes from the knowing that when one thing is in a Read More →