How My Life (Drastically) Changed Within One Week of Taking Rapé Medicine

Hey, beautiful. On the night of New Year’s Eve, my partner, Aaron, and I joined a group of conscious, spiritual friends in Las Vegas, Nevada. For nearly two hours, we took turns reflecting on our personal journeys, what we learned from 2017 (and those we met), and how we were going to shape 2018 Read More →

Sculpting Ideal Body Composition w/ Christopher Gardner

Hey friends, Today I bring you a guest blog from my good friend and inspiration, Christopher (‘Topher’) Gardner. I met Topher at the Farm of Life in Costa Rica, where I lived and worked as a chef for over a year and a half.  EVERY single conversation I had with this guy left my head spi Read More →

6 Ways To Remedy Food Waste & Use Your Leftovers

As a freelance writer for a few alternative media sites, I’ve been covering a lot of food-waste articles of late, and feel it is a very important issue we could all learn more about and get involved with. If you’ll click here, you’ll read about France’s recent legislation which is now mak Read More →

11 Simple Psychological Tricks To Eat Less & Lose Weight

I find the conundrum of developed societies gaining weight (and having an irritable, difficult time ‘losing it’) to be a fascinating study. What I find most interesting about it is that unhealthy eating habits are largely linked to emotional/psychological causes. This is something most peo Read More →

“Doing Good & Living Green” w/ Rob Greenfield

It was a humid day in Costa Rica when I first heard from Rob Greenfield – an American-born environmental activist, writer, adventurer, and self-proclaimed “do-gooder”. A fellow writer for True Activist, he first asked me to cover a piece on his latest endeavor to fly to Panama City and find hi Read More →

9 “Must-Haves” For the Healthy Household

I flipped open the lid of my suitcase and looked at the small cubby of space staring back at me. 2 weeks until I leave Bangkok, Thailand (and travel to Cambodia before Kenya, Africa), and I have somehow accumulated more items than I can carry… yet still have a wish list of what I would love to bri Read More →

A Message From Our Oceans

Everything is connected: this is recognized as spiritual truth, measured by quantum physics, and is a logical knowing thanks to science and statistics… Therefore it makes sense that we – being part of the perfection Source is – when in tune with our alignment, are able to tap into ‘higher co Read More →

Recommended Documentary: Cowspiracy

Hey lovely, You know how we focus a lot on healthy eating, mindfulness, and social entrepreneurism on this site so you feel inspired and supported to live more sustainably and create a life you love? The inspiration to cover all these things comes from the knowing that when one thing is in a Read More →