How To Make Hydrating Papaya Boats {Raw, Vegan} + Standing Rock Update

Hey, lovelies! Okay, this might be the simplest recipe ever, but it’s still a great one to know how to prepare. Granted, one is most likely to make this dish if they live in the southern U.S., Latin or South America, and tropical regions elsewhere, but it’s still possible to create even in cold Read More →

6 Ways To Detox Fluoride – A Known Neurotoxin – From Your Body

Hey, Bloom for Life family! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted articles on this site, but that’s just because I regularly write for the site True Activist - ever heard of it? When I’m not creating delectable plant-based recipes, I’m helping expose unjust happenings and health Read More →

5 Benefits I Experienced Shortly After Adopting A Plant-Based Diet

The first time I tried to make a healthy green soup, it didn’t turn out well. In fact, the first two weeks of my ‘vegan adventure’ were a huge mess. Granted, I was fifteen and adamant that everything I tossed into the blender or chopped up and threw into a pan on the stove would miraculousl Read More →

Where In The World Is Amanda??

Hey beautiful friend, As you may have noticed, there are no events planned for the near future! Why is this?  Well, I am at a point in my life right now where I am focusing a lot on traveling (which I blog about on, writing, and finishing school. A lot is changing in Read More →

Living Foods Cuisine 101 [Class] Thailand

Helloooooooo beautiful people! Having had such a great time co-leading the class last month at Radiance Whole Foods (Sukhumvit Soi 22) in Bangkok, Thailand, we (Radiance health food store) and I are putting on one final class before I leave and venture back to the States (where I will relocate to Read More →

The Ultimate Flavor Balancing Guide

Flavor Balancing in Raw Cuisine Learning to balance flavors is what will free you to create your own masterpieces, rather than being dependent upon the recipes of others. The elements of flavor balancing are the same elements that go into balancing flavors in all ethnic traditions, because the Read More →

How I Afford to Live & Eat Healthy

When I go out and shop for my kitchen, I am usually the pickiest foodie I know. I choose not to consume processed / packaged foods (pretty much anything pre-made), animal products (and if so, they must pass mega inspection / value tests) artificial sweeteners, GMOs, or refined, pasteurized, and Read More →

The Live-Food Restaurant You HAVE to Visit in NYC

Foodies, health-conscious individuals, curious contemplators of connected living, do I have a treat for you! As you may read from my travel blog Travel Fruit Love, I have literally been ‘jetting’ around the US for various reasons…and one of the destinations I found myself in for a period o Read More →

4 Reasons You Should Consider Removing Your Mercury Fillings

It’s now a common fact that Mercury is highly toxic and exposure to it should be avoided at all costs, but then why do dentists keep putting Mercury in people’s bodies in the form of Amalgam fillings! Remember Alice & Wonderland and the Mad Hatter? Yeah, he was an example of the ‘madness Read More →

{Raw, Vegan} Kelp Pasta + Marinara

Inspired by a delectable dinner my friend Melanie Lotoscreated for us as her farewell gift from Finca de Vida, I decided to re-create something similar with a special ingredient… Kelp! This is one of my favorite foods on the planet. Why? Because Kelp provides an abundant supply of vitamins and Read More →

10 Reasons You WILL Succeed At Changing Your Life

I’ve heard it from many people: “I’m too old to change.” or “I just can’t help myself…”. Or even: “I really want to, but there is ______, _______, and _______ reason holding me back.” Sister or brother, I’m here to let you know that there is only ONE person holding you back Read More →

Nourishing Roots: A Project That Has Heart

Hi guys, if you’re new to this site, you may not know about what it’s all about. Simply put, Bloom for Life is a website dedicated to sharing resources that I, Amanda Froelich, offer as a RHN Holistic Nutritionist, ISD Detoxification Specialist, ACE-certified Personal Trainer, whole foods & Read More →