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Paleo Dinner Rolls [Vegan, GF]

Hey, friends! Today, I am sharing a very special recipe. I say this because I believe it could be a viable alternative to "real" bread -- and that's exciting. A little background: I went vegetarian when I was 15, and adopted a vegan diet (and principles, for the most part) at age 16. Because I Read More →
Mustard-Tarragon Kale Chips

Mustard-Tarragon Kale Chips [Paleo, Live Food, Vegan]

Hello, beautiful friends! Oh goodie, oh goodie. Today, I have another savory snack recipe to share, and it is to live for. Yes, as cheesy as that was, it so works. After purchasing a bag of Tarragon-Mustard Kale chips (I think it was ‘Brad’s’ brand), I fell in love with the flavor combinati Read More →

‘Cheezy’ Cauliflower Popcorn Bites {Raw, Vegan}

Hey, lovely! Happy New Year! I hope 2016 has been both eventful and a beautiful learning period for you. Personally, I don’t really believe in ‘New Year’s Resolutions’, as I think every day is a brilliant day to live a life you love. After all, only THIS moment exists (and I’m super glad Read More →

How To Make Flax Crackers And Save TONS Of Money!

Hey, you!  Are you the type of person who, upon entering the health food store, heads straight to the ‘raw food’ section and proceed to ‘hmmm’ and ‘haaaaw’ over all of the selections? Good. Me, too.  But here’s the thing. While it’s fun to splurge on companies’ unprocessed Read More →

How To Make Super Delicious {Raw, Vegan} Dehydrated ‘Chick-N’

Okay, faux what? While I dislike rebranding hearty plant-based alternatives as a ‘mock’ variety of a dead animal, it’s what catches peoples’ attention. So, like it or not, this recipe is for faux chick-n that tastes so good, I’ve actually had people (vegetarian or vegan, as expected) fr Read More →

Super Simple Apple Pie {Vegan, Dairy-Free, GF}

Hello! I hope you are absolutely fantastic and are enjoying the beautiful weather as winter begins to beckon closer. Having lived abroad and in the tropics during the winter the past few years, I’m looking forward to some chilly weather - how about you?  Anyways, you didn’t come to this blo Read More →

{Raw Vegan} Sprouted Kamut & Veggie ‘Toast’

Hey there lovely, Once upon a time, in the faraway lands of Costa Rica, I invented an incredible bread that blew the socks off quite a few guests at Finca de Vida. It wasn’t the ‘traditional’ type of ‘bread’ you might find in a supermarket, made from yeast, cooked grains, and ext Read More →

Super Easy & Delish Kale Chips! {Raw, Vegan}

I don’t know about you, but I am such a kale addict I happily eat the leafy green vegetable as often as I can. That usually means in the form of kale chips - just being honest! And ooooooh my friend, if you have not yet indulged in the wonder that is the kale chip, I am going to introduce you. Read More →

Lemon-Blueberry Scones [Grain-Free, Paleo, Low-Sugar]

Hey friend! On this delightful Sunday I’ve been mulling over what recipe to share with you this week (which may, in fact, soon be more than just once per week - oh goodie!)… but was stuck between sharing a delightful raw and vegan entree or a fun and grain-free paleo breakfast/dessert. (Just Read More →

Superpower {Quinoa & Oat} Banana Bread [Vegan]

Hellloooo darlings, I hope this beautiful Spring weather is treating you well, and you’re recognizing more and more beautiful things about yourself and this world as major shifts continue to happen for all of us. If you ask me, we are all being mega-pushed by Spirit right now to ‘awaken’ Read More →

{Paleo, Grain-Free} Pumpkin Bars

Helloooooo! And happy 3.14.15 day! (Pi day, mind you). I was going to start off this blog in a completely different way, but then remembered that the recipe I’m sharing completely correlates with this incredibly momentous (kind of) day – any excuse for pie, right?… so it got revamped. Read More →

Better-than-Grandma’s [Paleo] Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay, so no offense Grandma, but these chocolate chip cookies are in a whole ‘nother realm of awesomeness because  they a) use coconut flour (which is SO shocking to see in every store in South Dakota, yet amazing at the same time), b) call for almond butter (which is one of my favorite foods), Read More →