{Easy} Vegan Chana Masala!

Good afternoon everyone! I am so excited to share this next recipe with you all (goodness gracious, I have a line-up!). As mentioned in a previous post, I stumbled across Angela Liddon’s (from Oh She Glows) recipe book in a Barnes and Noble and didn’t even blink before deciding I had Read More →

Superpower {Quinoa & Oat} Banana Bread [Vegan]

Hellloooo darlings, I hope this beautiful Spring weather is treating you well, and you’re recognizing more and more beautiful things about yourself and this world as major shifts continue to happen for all of us. If you ask me, we are all being mega-pushed by Spirit right now to ‘awaken’ Read More →

Longevity-Boosting Nourish Bowl [Vegan/Paleo]

Hello dears! What a fantastic, beautiful day to be posting your new addiction a new recipe to the blog! This morning I woke up to the suspicion that the weather had chilled overnight, therefore snuggled deeper into my covers instead of getting up and dressed for a run. As intuited, beautif Read More →

{Paleo, Grain-Free} Pumpkin Bars

Helloooooo! And happy 3.14.15 day! (Pi day, mind you). I was going to start off this blog in a completely different way, but then remembered that the recipe I’m sharing completely correlates with this incredibly momentous (kind of) day – any excuse for pie, right?… so it got revamped. Read More →

Better-than-Grandma’s [Paleo] Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay, so no offense Grandma, but these chocolate chip cookies are in a whole ‘nother realm of awesomeness because  they a) use coconut flour (which is SO shocking to see in every store in South Dakota, yet amazing at the same time), b) call for almond butter (which is one of my favorite foods), Read More →

Coconut-Banana Pancakes! {Primal, Low-Glycemic, Paleo}

Wow! Yesterday’s post created an all-time record of traffic to the website. Though I’m sure its readership did decrease a bit, I acknowledge and respect every person’s opinion and believe that a stronger, more inspired following will result from releasing dietary dogma and sharing holistic hea Read More →

Kichari 101 {Benefits & Recipes}

This article is gifted to you on behalf of Planet Herbs, specifically author Michael Tierra. He summarized the benefits and history of Ayurvedic Kitchari so beautifully I wanted to share. Personally, this staple has been my saving grace while traveling in foreign countries, needing to re-balance t Read More →

{Cooked, Vegan} Mediterranean Rice Salad

Yum. Greek food & hearty grains? I’m in. This last month has been a busy one! (And I’m just beginning to catch up on some of the delectable recipes that were created to satiate guests at the Farm of Life. ;) *Gasp* {Raw, Vegan} Ice Cream Sandwiches?? Yep. Recipe comin’ soon! For one Read More →

{Cooked, Vegan} Veggie-Lentil Loaf

Yes, this dish holds the same name as the typical ‘veggie loaf’ you feared from your fro-wearing neighbor in the 80’s, but I promise you, it’s a million times better. In fact, it may just be the Ultimate Vegetable Lentil Loaf you ever do try. Thanks Simple Veganista for the inspiration! Read More →

{Cooked, Vegan} Chocolate-Zucchini Muffins

Did you know you can put vegetables (even beans, believe it or not) into your baked goods and still have them taste incredible? As mentioned in my recent post (vegan banana bread), we’re gearing up for a huge cooked vegetarian retreat, therefore I’ve had the fortune to get back in the kitchen - Read More →

{Cooked, Vegan} Banana Bread

I’m gearing up for a large cooked vegan retreat here at Farm of Life. We’ll have about 15 guests (plus staff) consuming three meals a day…and it’s going to be busy. To prepare, I’ve begun freezing enormous loads of baked goods (chocolate zucchini muffins (below), banana bread, home made Read More →

{Vegan, Gluten-Free, Cooked} Squash Muffins with Candied Almonds

Happy Halloween everyone! I know that when it gets to this time of the year, heavy emphasis is on the desserts, treats, costumes, and candy that are easily found… That doesn’t need you have to abandon hope in healthy options, however. To celebrate Halloween and some great friends who are Read More →