Roasted Vegetable Entrée with Marinara Drizzle

I know what you may be thinking…”But this isn’t RAW”. Well spotted, friend. While I, myself, prefer to consume all raw fruits and vegetables,with occasionally some nuts and seeds, I thrive as a chef and have a love for cooking nourishing food… on all levels. That’s right! To Read More →

High-Raw Potato Salad & Raw Hummus Platter (Post #4 Chzburger Week)

Good morning everyone! How are we enjoying {Raw and Vegan} Bac-un ‘Cheeseburger Week so far? Hope you are loving it! Today I bring you two awesome sides. One is high-raw and is great for eating healthier in general, and the other is a great alternative for cooked hummus – so much lighter (and Read More →

The Beauty of Transition – for all! (Alfredo Pasta in 3 ways!)

The Beauty of Transition – for all! (Alfredo Pasta in 3 ways!)   I love when you meet a happy person on the street, you both share your interests and passions, and before you know it you have something in common and you’re both excited to talk about it! For me this happened today – meeting Read More →