Fermented Foods


Coconut-Almond Yogurt [Live Food, Vegan, Paleo, Ketogenic]

My goodness, this is a recipe I’ve wanted to share with you for quite some time. Not only is it super easy to make, it is probably my #1 healthy go-to that I love to  live off of consume and share with those I work with. Why? Well first, because coconut is a magical super-food (serious Read More →

Raw Cheeseburger Week…Post 1: Raw Pickles!

Okay everyone, I know a few of you are really excited for this week of raw cheeseburger goodness. If you did not get the heads up about what incredible-ness is happening this week, here’s what’s happening. Every day (beginning today!) I am posting one of the following recipes…leading u Read More →

How to Make Your Own RAW Sauerkraut

The beautiful thing about working where I do is that I have the opportunity to play around with a kitchen stocked full of yummy, raw ingredients. Lately, I’ve had an urging to make some Raw Sauerkraut for a special to come… (hint hint – can you guess what it is?) Because I once made some ub Read More →