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Green Smoothie: Almond Butter + Jelly {Raw, Vegan}

Hey there, beautiful! Wowsers, it’s already September! I’m sure you, like many others, will agree that this summer went fast! So many changes happened internally and externally for all of us - and I certainly can attest to experiencing a lot of transformation these past 4-5 months. Thankfully, Read More →

Detoxing 101, ‘How To,’ & What Are MonoMeals?

Hey beautiful! Today I want to share with you a radically refreshing post on Bloom, something I haven’t talked about for a LONG time. I’ve been studying health for… goodness, over six years now, and in that time have come across, studied, contemplated, reviewed, and experimented with many Read More →

{Raw, Vegan} French Onion Soup

Hey there, lovely! It. has. been. a. while! I know, I know.  Life has happened, and there are no excuses. The great thing is, I finally feel grounded in my new direction (took 6 months), and am back to blogging and creating magic in the kitchen. Once I move (the beginning of September), I’ll Read More →
Credit: Golubka

{Raw, Vegan} Fudgey Matcha Mint Brownies!

Hey there, beautiful! It’s been a hectic couple of weeks, therefore I haven’t posted as often as I’d like to…but late is better than never - right?  This week I’m super stoked to share with you a recipe that features my new favorite ingredient: Matcha!  If you’re late to the ban Read More →
Served with a #raw & #vegan Stir-Fry!

Tom Yum Soup w/ Daikon ‘Rice’ {Raw, Vegan}

Helllooooo, beautiful friend! Happy Tuesday! What a glorious day to wake up, enjoy the splendor of living on this Earth, and engage in activities you love. If you’re still working at manifesting your dream job/life, don’t forget to be happy and grateful for what you have been gifted this pres Read More →

“Not-Coffee” Elixir For Boosting Adrenal Health + Chinese Herbs

Are you afflicted by adrenal fatigue? If you suffer from low energy, hormone imbalances, inability to handle stress, cravings for salty food, have a weakened immune system, and tend to experience higher levels of energy in the evening, it's likely.  In fact, many people (it’s really no longer Read More →

{Live Food, Vegan} Falafel Burgers w/ Tzatiki & Macadamia-Chipotle Hummus

Food is the one topic that can either bring people together or pull them apart. Especially in this day and age, almost everyone has an opinion on the food they consume, as well as on what others decide to make their fare for the evening. Luckily, some cuisine is so satisfying, nutrient-dens Read More →

The 10 BEST Raw Food Breakfast Recipes

Do you think your morning meal is limited to the fruit bowl or bird feeder if you desire to eat more raw, living foods? Think again! Breakfast is one of my favorite meals because it is the time of the day we literally ‘break our fast' from the evening before. It’s also the perfect time to sta Read More →

{Raw Vegan} Sprouted Kamut & Veggie ‘Toast’

Hey there lovely, Once upon a time, in the faraway lands of Costa Rica, I invented an incredible bread that blew the socks off quite a few guests at Finca de Vida. It wasn’t the ‘traditional’ type of ‘bread’ you might find in a supermarket, made from yeast, cooked grains, and ext Read More →

Super Easy & Delish Kale Chips! {Raw, Vegan}

I don’t know about you, but I am such a kale addict I happily eat the leafy green vegetable as often as I can. That usually means in the form of kale chips - just being honest! And ooooooh my friend, if you have not yet indulged in the wonder that is the kale chip, I am going to introduce you. Read More →

[Live Food, Vegan] Pesto Pizza!

Yummers, folks! This is one of TWO pesto pizzas I have to share with you. This one is a simple, low-glycemic, delicious, and vibrant-looking pizza with tons of fresh vegetables… and the other one is a #ketogenic (meaning higher in fat, lower in carbohydrates) with a pumpkin-seed-based pesto. Read More →

[Live Food, Vegan] Bagels w/ Crabcakes & Wasabi Mayonnaise

Hello beautiful! Are you looking for a satisfying brunch recipe that won’t be added to your thighs this chilly season, yet nourish, satisfy your palate, and please all your senses? Good golly, I do believe you’ve found it. Check out the recipe I shared on Young and Raw [Live Food, Veg Read More →