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{Raw, Vegan} Kelp Pasta + Marinara

Inspired by a delectable dinner my friend Melanie Lotoscreated for us as her farewell gift from Finca de Vida, I decided to re-create something similar with a special ingredient… Kelp! This is one of my favorite foods on the planet. Why? Because Kelp provides an abundant supply of vitamins and Read More →

{Raw, Vegan} Banana Split (!)

Hi guys! I sit here enthused and absolutely glowing with elation. Why? Well for one, I finally received my new camera (after my DSLR Nikon broke), and am so happy to be taking glamorous photos once again for this blog. I mean, you can’t have a food blog without some scrumptious pictures Read More →

{Raw, Vegan} Creamy Tomato Soup

Hello friend! (Pssst – 5 days until I receive my new camera – better pics to come quite soon!) Do you remember the days of creamy Campbell’s tomato soup? Perhaps you were sick, maybe you just loved the flavor, or possibly your parents just fed it to you because it was convenient and cheap. Read More →

{Raw, Vegan} Carrot Cake

Hey guys! If you’re here from Instagram (@amandafroelich), welcome! Naturally Ashley shared a picture of this carrot cake I made for her and Chris Kendall’s departure here at the Farm of Life. Nope. It’s not 80 / 10 / 10 (unless you go fat-free for a day or two), but then again I don Read More →

{Raw, Vegan} Mayonnaise

Who didn’t grow up with this stuff – spreading it on sandwiches, putting it in salad  dressings, feeding it to the dog…? While I was always a “Miracle Whip” kind of gal, the name does not excuse the unhealthy ingredients found in these conventional condiments. Which is why without get Read More →

{Raw, Vegan} Snickers Bar

Oh. My. Goodness. If you’ve wanted to taste a delectable treat that will ROCK YOUR WORLD, this is it. Friends, folks, chocolate lovers, I give to you nature’s most incredibly amazing live food dessert, the raw food Snickers bar. Yes, you heard that right, and yes, I’m sharing the recipe. Read More →

{Raw, Vegan} Cashew Cream Fruit Salad

Hola lovelies! It’s been busy here at the Farm of Life, where I’m cheffin’ up tons of wholesome, healthy food for guests around the world. This is one of the first recipes I served to the recent Animar Retreat, and promised to post it because there were soooo many requests for it! On Read More →

{Raw, Vegan} Lasagna

The savory smells of herb-infused tomato, delectable vegetables, and melting cheese is what usually has all family members running to the table when lasagna is being served… It’s a dish that’s hearty, satisfying, and reminds one of ‘home’. But what do you do when you’re seeking to consum Read More →

{Raw, Vegan} Berry Sorbet

The most beautiful thing about raw foods (in my opinion) is the simplicity. Take banana ice cream, for example. 1) frozen bananas 2) blend 3) ice cream! Add in some vanilla, a dash of sea salt, and maybe some cacao, and you have a treat that rivals sugary store-bought version – but without the add Read More →

{Raw, Vegan} Almond Joy Bars

I had the biggest response to the asking if you all wanted this Almond Joy (all raw and vegan!) candy bar recipe. “Um, DUH!” was the general response. Haha.. Thanks guys. Because these bars are incredibly yummy and sinfully delicious, I had to share them! If one person opts for a raw Read More →

{Raw, Vegan} Pad Thai

Step aside ordinary Thai food, raw goodness has taken over! How many of you LOVE your Thai food? Spicy, sweet, yummy, creamy… And how many of you miss it since you’ve gone raw? Well no more! There are no excuses when it comes to leading a high-vibrational, purified, healing lifestyle because we Read More →