Coconut-Banana Pancakes! {Primal, Low-Glycemic, Paleo}

Wow! Yesterday’s post created an all-time record of traffic to the website. Though I’m sure its readership did decrease a bit, I acknowledge and respect every person’s opinion and believe that a stronger, more inspired following will result from releasing dietary dogma and sharing holistic hea Read More →

[Live Food, Vegan] Bagels w/ Crabcakes & Wasabi Mayonnaise

Hello beautiful! Are you looking for a satisfying brunch recipe that won’t be added to your thighs this chilly season, yet nourish, satisfy your palate, and please all your senses? Good golly, I do believe you’ve found it. Check out the recipe I shared on Young and Raw [Live Food, Veg Read More →

RAWkin Nacho Taco Salad [Live Food, Vegan, Low-Glycemic]

Yum, yum, yum. You all are about to have some FUN! This is a favorite of mine to make and to secretly lick the bowl of when I am feeding others. It is so deliciously good and reminds me of my favorite taco salads I had growing up (yes, it was school food, but that MSG had a flavorful taste!). Read More →

[Live Food, Ketogenic, Vegan] Chocolate Macaroons

Hey there, Remember last week when I shared a recipe for raw vegan ice cream? Yeah, the responses were pretty much “This is the best thing everrrrrrrr!” and I knew that this ketogenic, low-glycemic, live-food, vegan (holy cow – I know!) treat be shared next. You see, just becau Read More →

{Raw, Vegan} Hemp Nacho Cheese

Hey beautiful friends! Okay, there are few things I love more to work with in the kitchen than Spirulina, Coconuts, and Greens (or that could just be eat)… but HEMP is definitely another super-food that I don’t think I could live without. Nutritionally-dense hemp seed is an incredibly no Read More →

Chia Porridge

Hey beautiful one! I hope you are experiencing abundant bliss in all ways that call to you. This is definitely a time of letting go and allowing space for new to fill in the gaps and benefit your wondrous journey. If you’re not aware of all the changes Bloom for Life has currently experienced, he Read More →