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Chickpea-Zucchini ‘Meatballs’ w/ Marinara & Gluten-Free Pasta [Vegan]

Hey, lovelies. So, we made it to South Dakota. If you’re interested in seeing a vlog of the trip (I know, I’m finally back to making videos again — exciting, right?), you can watch that below: Right now, I’m sitting in Colorado, in a s Read More →

Light and Fluffy Banana-Nut Muffins [Vegan, GF]

Hey, lovely. How is your guys’ January going? If it’s anything like mine, it’s been intense. On New Year’s Eve, Aaron and I joined a local spiritual group and experienced rape medicine for the first time. (Read more here). Ever since then, life has been moving — fast. Days later, we dec Read More →

The Best Dehydrated Almond Bread You’ll Ever Try [Paleo, Vegan, GF]

Hello, lovelies! First off — those who missed my last post ("How My Life (Drastically) Changed Within One Week of Taking Rapé Medicine") are in for a surprise. Yep, that’s because Aaron and I will be moving in just two weeks! (Ahhhhh!!) In case you’re wondering — yes, it is sudden. After Read More →

Caramel-Apple Cheesecake with Date-Caramel Drizzle [Dairy-Free, Vegan]

Hey, beautiful. A few months ago, I was inspired to create a new cheesecake for the Bloom for Life blog. Because it was fall and apple season, this caramel-apple cheesecake with a date-caramel drizzle won my attention. I’m not going to lie… Apples are one of my favorite fruits. They are (in c Read More →

Paleo Dinner Rolls [Vegan, GF]

Hey, friends! Today, I am sharing a very special recipe. I say this because I believe it could be a viable alternative to "real" bread -- and that's exciting. A little background: I went vegetarian when I was 15, and adopted a vegan diet (and principles, for the most part) at age 16. Because I Read More →
Mustard-Tarragon Kale Chips

Mustard-Tarragon Kale Chips [Paleo, Live Food, Vegan]

Hello, beautiful friends! Oh goodie, oh goodie. Today, I have another savory snack recipe to share, and it is to live for. Yes, as cheesy as that was, it so works. After purchasing a bag of Tarragon-Mustard Kale chips (I think it was ‘Brad’s’ brand), I fell in love with the flavor combinati Read More →
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Coconut Dairy-Free Buttercream Frosting [Paleo, Vegan] + New Puppy!

Hey there, lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween — full of yummy (and hopefully healthy) munchies like these no-bake pumpkin spice butter cups. My boyfriend and I adopted a “Steam Punk” theme for our costumes and made use of them by taking a Lyft to downtown Fremont, Las Vegas. Tho Read More →

Raw Vegan Beet-Sunflower Seed Burgers [Nut-Free] w/ Jicama Fries

Hey, lovelies! Recently, I was scrolling through the Bloom for Life blog and I noticed that I’ve developed a bit of an infatuation with sweet treats. Now, I don’t really consume them much myself (I'm a fruit addict instead), but I love creating baked goods for others (and for my other project M Read More →

No-Bake Walnut Pumpkin Spice Butter Cups [Raw, Vegan}

Hey, lovelies! Recently, my friend and business partner (details coming soon) visited Las Vegas, so we had no choice but to get busy in the kitchen. After scrolling through the site One Green Planet, we decided to make these delectable walnut-pumpkin pie butter cups that are raw and vegan! Read More →

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe [Vegan]

Hey there, lovelies! Oh my, oh my. I am so excited to share this gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe. It turned out so great and only requires a handful of ingredients! Originally obtained from Minimalist Baker, the cookie recipe can be made vegan or non-vegan, depending on the butter you hav Read More →

Healthy Homemade Chili Recipe [Vegan, Easy]

Hey, friends! It is summertime, but that doesn’t mean one can’t indulge in some savory and grounding chili. The other night, Aaron (my boyfriend) and I were chatting when all of a sudden, I declared: “You know, chili sounds darn good.” He agreed, so we made a plan. A few days later, all i Read More →

Fudgy Raw Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream (You Can Make Without An Ice Cream Maker)

Hey, lovelies! As promised, I am making an effort to create, photograph and upload recipes more often. Why? Because I truly do believe food can be medicine, and I want resources such as this one to be available to all. Now, granted, I do tend to make a lot of sweet treats (pistachio ice cream, Read More →