Mother Nature’s Milkshake

  You’ll laugh, I know it. This recipe is so simple – yet people don’t know how good it is! I make this where I work ALL the time –and I’ve now gotten others at the vegan restaurant hooked on it as well! (In fact, I’m so proud, because some people are now making it as their Read More →

Dill-Mango Tomato Sauce with Zucchini Noodles!

There’s nothing like a light (low-fat), filling, and delicious raw meal that is bursting with fresh flavors, nutrients, and energy straight from the Earth. Because gourmet raw food forgets to focus mainly on living plant foods, I especially love this recipe I made up for dinner… (Actually, I had Read More →

Marinara Pasta, Raspberry Cheesecake, & Green Smoothie Bliss

You’re interested in eating Raw and Living foods or at least adding them to your diet. Where to begin, though? (Click here to read the crazy side effects this might have) The following raw recipes are ones I believe every person should know how to make when transitioning to a high vibrational an Read More →

RAW Macaroons, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Vegan Cake, oh my!

Whoa, what?! You may be staring at your screen like, "She really has gone over the deep end, now"... I am bringing you Deliciouss recipes in this post. Yeah, be awed, inspired, bedazzled even... It's time for you to hone your Raw Dessert Making skills and get inspired. Here's why/where/how I pu Read More →

Banana Split Rolls – Dessert Trio Recipe!

This recipe is long overdue. Unfortunately I did not make them for the Café like I mentioned we planned earlier. However, the folks of Sturgis, SD thought these were phenomenal, and they’re the type of people who think vegan = yucky. Be Amazed. Somewhat work intensive – but oh boy, they’ Read More →

Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake – New Recipe!

Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake Dessert I really can’t explain what I was trying to come up with here… But it ended with complete bliss. Before I leave for Phoenix I wanted to make a delectable dessert for my parents (mainly my mom who eats them) and her request was for Brownie Balls. Read More →

Kale Chip Kraze

  Looking for a crunchy, munchy snack? Look no further than the Kale in the produce section. This superfood is so high in Folate, Vitamin A, Potassium, Cholorphyll and AMAZING health benefits, making it a green to include in your diet for sure. But no, you don’t need to steam Read More →

Tomato Soup Crackers

We’ve had an abundance of tomatoes (from Bountiful Baskets) and I’m leaving on my Phoenix trip, so I decided to make some crackers! These are so simple and they also can be used as Flax WRAPS – which are so amazing. Yield:  3 Excalibur Dehydrator Trays Prep Time: 20 Minutes Ingredi Read More →

Surthrival Granola!

Surthrival Granola This should be a staple in life. (Maybe I should just start making it and create a boomin business!) Whatever – anyways, this is a granola I created for travel, but it’s so FULL of goodness it makes a great snack, breakfast food, or even meal if you’re away from you Read More →

Raw Cheezy Flax Crackers

Cheezy Flax Crackers This raw recipe is inspired by the childhood favorite ‘Cheez Its’ and is waaaay healthier and yummier!   Ingredients:  2 cups Flaxseed 1 cup Cashews 1 Red bell pepper, chopped 1 Carrot, chopped 1 Lemon, juice 1 clove Garlic 1/2 tsp sea salt Read More →

Orange Dreams & Desserts

Do you ever have a burst of culinary genius gifted to you by God in the kitchen? Well I certainly did the other day. After receiving SO many oranges from Bountiful Baskets–which I talked about in this post, I decided to put the citrus to good use and also try out my newly acquired Irish Moss! Read More →

Raw Sammie aka Sandwich!

This is simply the most versatile and amazing meal idea you can stick with forever. I mean, that’s why sandwiches are so popular anyways, right? Take a slice of bread or two, stick some (ew) meat, cheese, and maybe some veggies, slathered with mayo and that = dinner, right? Well, in my op Read More →