Exploring Seattle, WA: Missed Flights, Museums, Pike’s Market, and Marijuana

Hey, lovely! So, a couple of weeks ago, Aaron (my partner/bf) and I finally took a trip to Seattle, Washington — a place we both adore. I’ve been before, but it was his first time to the state. And oh goodness, we fit in so much in just a few short days. To begin with, things didn’t start o Read More →

How To Make Hydrating Papaya Boats {Raw, Vegan} + Standing Rock Update

Hey, lovelies! Okay, this might be the simplest recipe ever, but it’s still a great one to know how to prepare. Granted, one is most likely to make this dish if they live in the southern U.S., Latin or South America, and tropical regions elsewhere, but it’s still possible to create even in cold Read More →

Bloom for Life ~ Welcome Video

Bloom for Life channel moved! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE! Weekly video with inspiration, travel, recipes, spiritual self-help and More! Read More →

Guess Where I’m Moving? [PS – You’re Invited!]

Hey lovely, Bloom is taking off in a new direction: Videography! People - including us - love sharing messages in visual format, and creating videos helps to do just that. But you need to subscribe to the Bloom for Life YouTube Channel, and you do that by clicking HERE.    Thanks Read More →

Embrace Your Bliss & Beauty

Welcome to Bloom for Life! You deserve to create the life you desire because you TRULY deserve nothing less. xo Read More →

How to be a Conscious Creator! Yes, You!

You deserve to create a life you love. Make it a priority, put these steps to work, and reap the benefits! Read More →