Catering Raw Creations #1

 Eden’s Blossom Raw Bakery’s first creation experiment was so much fun and quite a success! For the local High School, I created (with the asking of my madre who is a teacher) a few different types of desserts and two different dips for their semester Senior Project who needed Judges to feed and please.

Because everyone loves chocolate, I created

Raw Vegan Brownie Bites both days.


Everyone who had them seemed to love them from what I heard. Super simple, super easy, and they have only a few ingredients! (The link is to a basic raw brownie recipe).


The second day I made Carrot Cake Cupcakes and cream ‘cheese’!  (Link to Gena’s Choosing Raw Carrot Cake which I followed somewhat). Not as beautiful as I would wish to have made them, but pressed for time while working a full-time job and another part job, I let the dehydrator do most of the work and frosted them hastily in the morning.

Complete with raisins, carrot pulp, dates, and spices, these delectable treats weren’t low glycemic, but were 100% raw and delicious!


The first day I created a sweet pepper dip but had no chance to take a picture.

The second day, I turned the leftover dip into crackers and created a new cheesy tomato spread to go with the vegetables.

*Unfortunately I was unable to take the pictures, but a student willingly volunteered*


Reviews overall were that the desserts were a sensation – and the great thing is the judges who sampled those and other processed donuts and bakery creations supplied tended to pick the raw food desserts…

Not to mention they asked questions and sought answers about the alternative desserts.


And of course, my friend and #1 dessert enthusiast deserved a raw dessert specifically for him. It was a raw Neapolitan ice-cream cake. The crust was a layer of Brownies, the filling a strawberry cream (with coconut oil, cacao butter, strawberries, nut milk, cashews, and a few other ingredients (like xylitol), and it was topped with a frosting composed of macadamia nuts, coconut oil, xylitol, cacao butter, and probably a few others.

I know, spoiled.



My question: How is the enthusiasm for ‘Raw Food’ in your area?

I think it’s great it’s spreading to the Midwest!