Cheapest Raw Food Staple – Buckwheat Sprouts!

Why I Loooooooove Buckwheat Sprouts!

1) They are Super cheap! Seriously, one pound at the Health Food Store is about $1.89 – $2.39…. And that can last you a while!
Usually they expand double their size as well when soaked & sprouted….

2) Super Easy to Sprout! Even for me!
Soak Buckwheat overnight in a dark place… Rinse in the morning. (They get kind of a slimy gel, no worries- just wash it off)… Then leave in the sunny part of your kitchen.

Within one to two days you’ll see little tails! Just remember to rinse/strain every day so they don’t get yucky.
After a few days, store in the fridge.

3) So nutritious! I just talked about how cheap and easy to sprout they are…. Now to the #1 reason I love ’em.

Buckwheat is an Amazing food. It tastes like a grain although it isn’t one, and is actually wheat & gluten free. It is also a complete protein – meaning it has all 8 essential amino acids and is one of the best sources on the planet.
Buckwheat is great for diabetics and those with high blood pressure as it helps stabilize blood sugar and lowers cholesterol.
Some more great qualities: helps varicose veins, hardening of the arteries, is a colon cleanser, and body alkalizer.

Its high in Lecithin, making it a superfood for the brain, too! 23% of your brain is made of Lecithin, therefore Buckwheat makes you smarter, reduces depression, brain fog, and mental fatigue. Who couldnt use an IQ boost?

And finally Buckwheat is high in Bioflavoids, Flavanols, all the B vitamins, Co-Q10, Magnesium, Manganese, and Selenium.


4) So many uses!
*Dehydrate it and it tastes just like Rice Krispies!
*Use in raw grawnolas, cakes, desserts, pizza frusts, breads, parfaits, breakfasts, etc!
*Use sprouts in Salad for an extra boost!
*Great travel snack food, and its so versatile!

If you havent checked out my Warrior’s Choice Breakfast, that uses Sprouted Buckwheat, as does my Surthrival grawnola!

Its a very economical, satisfying, and delicious way to eat Healthy and more Raw…

Will you try it out?