Cheapest way to Juice! (Save your Compost!)

You’ve probably heard how AMAZING juicing is for you. Why is that? When you juice, you’re removing the fiber from fruits and vegetables, therefore you’re getting pure nutrition and enzymes in a very fast absorbable form.

When you juice your GREENS, especially, it’s like taking pure electricity for your body – full of antioxidants, chlorophyll, and minerals that are SO great for you. Many people also claim they’ve healed/or helped cure a lot of problems by starting to juice…

This is because most Americans get hardly ANY nutrition today – so adding in some veg and fruits make an enormous difference! While I think it’s best to switch your diet to one that is whole foods all around (and raw!), I’m going to share with you what I found about how you can juice super economically and get tons of nutrition from the things you normally throw away!


Ta Da! Where I work, we collected the scraps of leftover veggies and fruits we would normally throw away… it adds up to a lot! While your kitchen isn’t the same as a vegan restaurant, make a mindful effort to collect the rinds (organic preferably), leftover fruit scraps, and veggie tops, etc… that you normally compost!

You will be surprised…

Look here! This was going to be tossed, so I took it home and only juiced HALF of it – and still got an entire quart jar full of amazing juice!
I believe this is a mix of carrot peelings, organic watermelon rind, sweet bell pepper, apple cores, strawberry tops, cucumber, and maybe a little bit of greens.

It was amazing – and I FELT amazing! You’re getting most nutrition from drinks like these than most people get in a MONTH. Imagine how much more energy you’ll have and how much more time you’ll be able to do things you love: such as getting outside, playing with your family, reading, studying on whatever topic you like, etc!


Get your fruits, greens, and veggies on! Much Love! ♥


Your Question: What is your favorite Juice Combo or favorite fruit/veggie to juice?


P.S. I’m working on a video showing a step-by-step “how to” create a delicious new recipe I created: Zucchini Flax wraps with sprouted Sunflower ‘cheeze’ and veggies!

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