Cheezy Kale Salad and Vegan Potluck Fun

Last night I had the great opportunity to attend a vegan potluck – something put on by Stella’s Horny Toad Farms in Phoenix (look ’em up if you can!) – and it was absolutely fantastic.


Like any gathering of like-minded people, I find there’s always an energizing effect of meeting fellow compassionate individuals; those that feel content in their choices to abstain from animal products and are on a journey of self acceptance… and of course – what a great opportunity to bring in some raw dishes and share the wealth with everyone!

Using this recipe Cheesy Kale Chips, I created the sauce and just marinated a whole bunch of Kale in it. Then I chopped up some yummy tomatoes (which were totally on sale – score) and called it good!



Here’s a video of me promoting this salad before I went to the potluck!



Walking into Stella’s location – I set foot into farmers market clashed with alternative indie studio. Artwork from local artists was so plentiful and ranging in styles canvases hung everywhere, sat on the floor, and just contributed to a buzz of color and hippy-lovin’ energy. Beckoning from both sides in the middle of the floor, booths of locally grown produce – lemons, squash, kale, and more – were so vibrant and organically ‘right’… I knew it was going to be a good night.



There was already a bunch of different dishes – from rice and peas to raw cauliflower ‘rice’ salad… even to eggplant hummus – it was a feast for all interested in healthier eating. My salad was demolished shortly, but received such praise as: “Sensational!”, “Fantastic!”, “MMMmmmm…..”

Seriously – dehydrated, raw, whatever – this recipe rocks. Again – click here to make the nummy sauce.

Of course, my favorite thing about any meeting is the synchronistic introduction of people who are pretty much on the same track in life. If you’re living somewhere with no support – it’s time you or others form a group and have each other’s backs. Nothing is sweeter.



You’d be surprised as well at all the different connections you might make. So many amazing individuals inhabit this Earth – and they’re usually the more ‘awake’ ones (therefore, seek out real-food eaters..). All around it was an awesome evening.

African Drumming took place before Karate Class, then Open Mic (awesome rappers  & artists played) and much socializing was had. This just confirms my feeling of loving humanity when we’re all on the same page.



THIS is why eating plant-based, predominately raw foods is SO powerful. You can form connections, you can appreciate the little things in life, you feel AMAZING, and instead of seeking to degrade others, all you want to do is give back!


Do you ever attend Raw food meet-ups in your area? Ever thought about starting one?

Enliven your Life!