“Chew on This” Book Review

Hey – education is power! The more we can learn, the easier it becomes to fuel our passion with truth, common sense, and science. A recent book I indulged in was “Chew on This” by Eric Schlosser & Charles Wilson. Perhaps you remember Eric from “Fast Food Nation”…just like that star, this is a GREAT book that’s an easy read. Everything you could want to know about fast food, it’s origins, how it’s made today, the effect it’s had in the country, or the people whom dug the roots…It’s fascinating!


*Meet the fifteen-year old who invented the hamburger

*See how French Fries are often shot through a super powered-gun and what makes them taste so good. (Amazing information and statistics!)

*Learn the secret ingredient that makes your drink pink (hint: it has legs) and a special ingredient often found in meat.

*Explore the six weeks that a fast-food chicken lives before it becomes a chicken nugget.

*Examine a table of healthy and unhealthy human body parts – and see what happens inside your body when you eat too much junk.


…Chew on this is the exact type of book I LOVE to read, because it’s explaining truth in an unbiased way (while still giving a sarcastic edge) to EDUCATE, INFORM, and SHARE what everyone needs to know!
For example, real-life stories of individuals also make it into the book. Sam, a high school student, is preparing for Gastric By-pass surgery after experiencing a heart attack at age 18(!)…. thought to be his only relief, he undergoes painful surgery, near-death trauma, and still never regained happiness because he didn’t learn the essential HEALTHY eating habits that make up a huge part of our vitality and thrivation. Like I said before, for nerds (like me) this book is also loaded with tons of facts (oooh, shivers just thinking about it!).

Anyways – check it out, super great book that anyone should read, especially those whom might be on the Standard American Diet.

We need to wake up the individuals of this world because our health is circling the drain and the time to do something is NOW!

Remember – you can enliven your life with whole, unprocessed, plant foods! Live-enzyme fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, sprouted grains, leafy greens, and seaweeds are the foods of life. Plant them, they’ll grow a plant – not decay like dead, processed food bought at the store! Ditch the additives, fillers, chemicals, inhumanely killed animals and step towards living LIFE!

Check it out!