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This online hub of resources and healthful information is to assist you in not only awakening to your best self, but creating it in a sustainable and enjoyable way. Everyone wants to feel their best, feel happy, and just love their life, so why not get started with the FREE Resources available below!

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If you need some kitchen inspiration, healthy guidance on creating magic in your home, or just love vibrant food displays, you’ve found the right place. Check out the RECIPES page, or explore the menu bar (with sectioned options) to get started.

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Amanda Froelich is a freelance writer for a plethora of natural and alternative health publications, but she also writes for Bloom for Life to share the same quality content with readers from around the world.

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1558448_10152313015446271_841481648_nAmanda is a RHN, ACE certified Personal Trainer, ISD certified Detoxification Specialist, Reiki II energy worker, and intuitive healer available to work one-on-one with limited clients at a donation based rate. (See Shop)

She also travels the world and often explores various locations to partner with organizations and cafes in hope of furthering the reach of Bloom for Life. Check out all her services by clicking here.

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