Why Conscious Eaters Tend to be More Spiritual

We all –at some point in our lives – ask the inconceivable (by the human brain) question(s): “Why am I here?”… “What is the meaning or purpose of life?”…and “who created me – and who is that be-ing or force?”

It is natural we ask this, because we are inquisitive, intelligent, and beautiful creators – reflections of the universal ‘one’ that conjured us up through imagination, and experiences life within us and through our physical manifestations.

Just take a second to take that sentence in.

The point of this article is not to try and prove this realization, but perhaps plant seeds for you to see experience of it for yourself sometime in the future, because that is the only way to actually accept and grow in faith – to experience.

With such insight in mind, most will – at some point in their lives – decide to delve into this more fully to figure out just what they believe in, for to believe in something is the ultimate opportunity in this lifetime. Belief puts you in a place of contrast in comparison to others because it is an intrinsic knowing that something will happen or has happened for a reason… And when faith in something more can be attained… magical things inevitably result. But that’s a different topic on its own…

Belief in perfection of the universe, a conscious creator, or limitless possibility for yourself does something profound to your psyche at a physical level, and for your mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies on another. It is the most important element for healing, and I personally think that’s why although people don’t start ‘living healthier’ to grow spiritually (some do!), they inevitably grow in faith of some kind because they begin to experience transformation and ‘new-ness’ in themselves.


For me, personally, I struggled with an eating disorder at age 15-16, and it was when I was bent over the toilet for the last time (purging), with puffy red eyes and a heart ready to crack, I heard a voice say “You’re done.” And I knew I was. It was the beginning of what would eventually be a more solid relationship (which will always be a work in progress!) with the creator, but at the time was enough to kick me in the butt to learn how to form a healthy relationship with what I ate, and to teach me how to love myself.

As I became more conscious of my dietary habits (I got into this lifestyle because I thought it would help me stay slim … not because I wanted to be healthy or be more loving), something started to shift. I noticed that my mentality became more calm, I was thinking clearer, I had more energy (and wanted to be outside), and there was a deep well of inspiration where before there was none.

This vibrating energy (which is what I work and focus on – my true essence – in meditation) slowly began to reveal itself and become recognized as I adopted a living foods, plant-based diet. I believe it is because foods of this nature are unprocessed, high-quality, and blooming with energy that many people begin to ‘awaken’ from this lifestyle.

We are what we eat, therefore if we eat beautiful, nurturing, high-vibrational (Kirlian photography – plant-based, uncooked, unprocessed food just has more energy!), we will also begin to vibrate and perceive the world differently than before


Take into account that most people consume greasy, processed, animal-rich, low-quality fare, and look at the manifested result of their thoughts and (clouded) vision. It’s not too pretty…

But when you look at conscious creators (those who take time to think, plan, and appreciate their choices and forecast their consequence), their lives seem to follow suit. They appear to emit a glow – something many people comment on to those who consume a bounty of living foods – and their life is one that mirrors the calm within.

Consuming wholesome, plant-based, and nourishing foods allows the physical body to return to a state of health – something most now lack today – and when that occurs, the mind WILL follow suit. At an unclogged and efficient level of clarity, one has opportunity to perceive the world in a new way and think for themselves.

Think for themselves..

It took many years (and I’m still working on this) to let go of what I was taught concerning my abilities, body, upbringing, capabilities, choices (especially concerning how I could live my life), and more instilled in me at a very young age by my family and what they had been taught through time. But with prayer and meditation (spurred by an incestuous desire to sit and ‘be’ with the magnificence of all that ‘is’), I learned to OBSERVE what I had been taught, and also perceive alternative choices of what I could believe in – and most importantly – how I could act.

This is part of what Bloom for Life teaches – hacking one’s life through conscious living… and eating clean is an essential component required to make this possible… Because when we optimize all aspects of our being, we ‘vibrate’ at a cleaner, more efficient level (all tends towards perfection – we’ve just forgotten!) and are capable of receiving and learning so much more.

Feeling incredible through alternative diet and lifestyle opens up our logical mind (which has been told quite the opposite concerning nutrition) to ascertain the truth concerning other taboo or lesser-discussed/researched topics…and that’s just where it begins.


We can get the first insight of perfection in the universe, learn more about ourselves, and form a better understanding of the same questions asked at the beginning of this article by choosing to first eat cleaner.

So in summary, people who eat consciously and live clean tend to be more spiritual because it is the law of the universe to be in alignment. From an energetic standpoint, we clean and optimize the physical vessel (made of energy), and other aspects will align themselves as well.

That’s pretty awesome, right?

Thought you’d agree.

Bloom for Life! It is your right and highest purpose.

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xoxo Amanda Froelich