Day of Detox and Raw Food! (What steps can you take to Detox?)

I’m a firm believer that in order to achieve our most vibrant health, there are a few practices we get to indulge in to really soothe and revitalize not only our body, but our mind, and our soul.

Today was one of those days. Have you been feeling frazzled to the point where you’re exhausted on all three levels, but are continuing to push and in result are losing your ‘zing’? Well this is what my friend Aubree and I were experiencing. (Her more than me, unfortunately). In any case – we decided to spend a day doing what we needed most – revitalization and healing.

I (after running many errands – which included stocking my fridge full of grapes and kale) met my dear friend at Massage Envy, a delightful place of massage & health and wellness which does a great job of catering to your relaxation and healing needs. She opted for deep tissue and I had a medium- light tissue massage (which was still tough enough for me!)…

This was after our wonderful Green juices she picked up at Whole Foods before meeting me. (And trust me, they do some great green drinks).

Afterwards, we spent a few hours talking over delicious raw vegan food and tea at the highly respected Chakra 4 & Tea House in Phoenix, Arizona. They specialize in raw and vegan food, as well as have a tea store full of elixers, herbs, tonics, and revitalizing drinks. (We are in LOOOOOOVE!) This is what we treated ourselves to!

First of all – their Wild & Weedy Tea (which is great for Lymphatic cleansing and detoxification. Mixture of many different herbs, such as dandelion, nettle, milk thistle…etc)

It was soooo good we each bought some to take home!

Their Raw Nori Rolls with an Asian/Ginger sauce (both of our favorites)

And two types of Linguine Raw Pasta – Marinara and Fettuccine.

The flavors and spices in the Fettuccine, mainly, were so tantalizing and completely new to me. (I love when food can still surprise me!) They lightly oil and salt their noodles to make them super soft and very-much like real noodles. The marinara was delightful – yet I make one I find to be 10x better, so all in all it equaled satisfactory.

What I reallllly loved about the nori rolls, however, is that they included a leaf of MINT – which just made the amazing flavors really burst. The nori was JUST vegetables (which I like plain, anyways), but mixed with the sauce = major yummo.

We both highly recommend Chakra 4. The people who work there are lovely – the food is great, and the atmosphere is so peaceful and amazing. Look in the image below and you can see Ganesha in the background. Such soothing colors – this place embodies healing and a healthy life.

… They also had dehydrated (balls?) ‘meatballs’ of walnut meat…which was spiced. Tasted like walnuts though to me, with a hint of following ‘spice’. I gave those to Aubree. :)


Draining at least 3 glasses of water each (hey! We just had a massage and were detoxing!) and talking over our delicious meal, the time spent contemplating reality of life, friendship, spirituality, and more really served as another peaceful way to unload and really free the weight of all the things that had been bothering us.

And I later took some time to lay in the sun and replenish my stores of Vitamin D, while using hydrotherapy (sun energy & obtaining vitamins from the sun) to heal even more.

Why am I sharing all of this? Because it’s important to recognize that we may teach ourselves to be strong mentally, emotionally, and physically – but we are still individual souls in our bodies which in times like today, can really become overstressed, disconnected, and low in energy due to the highly toxic situations we’ve been trained to live in.

It’s important to rest and really take time for you. Recharge your batteries, take some ‘you’ time, and re-define who you are as a person, because how can you really be there for others and your loved ones if you aren’t as whole as you can be?

Massage is a great tool to really heal and calm your body – it moves your lymphatic system, helps reduce attention and sore muscles, channels energy better through your body, allows you to let go of toxins and tense situations that may have you strained, and really can help align all your bodies.

Green Juice is the best drink for your mind and body. It not only raises your vibration, but directly nourishes your entire system – electrifying you with pure nutrition – and is full of vitamins, minerals, and living enzymes/energy.

Raw Vegan Food is not only a treat to enjoy and eat, but is full of pure, uncooked, plant based foods that your body can utilize to a maximum – none of what you consume inhibits your ability to feel or be your best. Unlike highly refined, processed, and toxic meals – you won’t walk away with a gut ache or feeling like you need to take a nap. If there’s one thing you do, it’s to choose to eat a lot of your food raw and as unprocessed as possible.

Being in the sun is only a problem if you are highly toxic and your body has a lot of waste to get rid of and you are not moving that lymphatic system. The sun naturally detoxes you by stimulating your cells and your skin to move toxins to the surface to be released. This is what skin cancer is. When your bodies natural and most basic functions are inhibited to release toxins fully through – they stay stored in the skin and become skin cancer. Eat lots of fruits, veggies, some nuts, seeds, alkalize your body –and you will not only filter much more accurately but can stay in the sun and gain all of the benefits your body needs.

Talking and expressing your feelings. Whoever decided that we need to suppress our feelings really did a number on the human body. I grew up, even, thinking I shouldn’t display tears or anger, sadness, or too much happiness because of social situations. This is probably the most harming practice almost every single person follows. Emotions have chemical reactions in the body – suppress them enough, you actually cause HARM to your physical and mental bodies. This usually manifests as physical problems. Don’t believe me? Please look into Louise Hay’s work and decide for yourself if you suppressed feelings may be responsible for some issues you might experience. In any case – not in an ‘energy sucking’ way, but an in tune and friendly sharing – find a friend that will listen and comfort, and really do the same as well. We are social creatures which deserve to have love and support. This is a very important and healing method to gain a higher level of healing.

And lastly – exercise (especially running) is one of the best ways to really move that lymphatic system and cleanse out toxins through sweat. You also work all the muscles of your body and are allowing your organs to work and move much more efficiently. Not only that – exercise of any kind helps shed any unwanted weight/fat which is where toxins are stored.


These are some examples of what you can do to really nourish, clean, and heal your body. I am blessed enough to have been able to do them all in one day –but really, if this lifestyle is new to you – please just try to adopt ONE and see how you feel after about one or two weeks. No doubt, there will be a huge improvement. Make time for YOU – you deserve to take care of yourself, adopt positive change, and be your most vibrant you.

From a glowing, happy, and super green goddess to another – Peace, lovely!