Easiest Way to Drink more Water!

…Easiest way to drink more water

I’ve always shaken my head in agreement with scientific studies, health gurus, and people with well-being wishes whom all stated “We all need to drink more water!”. And ain’t that the truth?

We’re mainly comprised of water and our body can’t eliminate as efficiently as possible, feel as optimal, or heal as fast (plus a list of other impacted bodily functions) when we’re dehydrated. BUT sometimes it’s harder to down as much aqua as we need. (I’m guilty of it, too!)

**(And how much do we need? Your body weight / (divided by) 2, in ounces!)**

Ex. A 160 pd person should be drinking 80 oz. of water.

The wonderful thing about eating raw foods is that they’re already abundant in water, but it’s still necessary to drink purified / naturally filtered H20. How do you get past the hump of drinking enough?

You do what I do! It’s easy to grab drinks with flavors, sweeteners, etc… and leave water out of the pack. No more!

I make a natural ‘lemonade’ which is very healing, cleansing, and just outright delicious! Here’s the breakdown: (Don’t you just love my paint skills? Jk)



Fresh squeezed orange juice, lemon juice, water, and some stevia make the best concoction which will literally have you downing glass after glass of amazingness.

When you’re hydrated, you’ll think better, sleep better, have more energy, lose weight, reduce your chances of deadly disease, have better athletic performance, and experience many more benefits!

The wonderful thing is Stevia is a very natural zero-calorie sugar replacement from the Stevia leaf. It’s very strong and doesn’t spike the glycemic index for those with insulin resistance issues.

I hope you’ll give this wonderful drink a chance, it’s what keeps me hydrated and happy all day at work!