End Homelessness – Touring Downtown Phoenix

I’ve already mentioned, I believe, how I’ve been fortunate to live in a very clean, safe, and ‘ritzy’ area of Phoenix. However, I find the attitude of the locals in the area to be very off-putting, and let’s be honest, I’m not too into shopping (which is what surrounds the ‘safe’ neighborhood) so it can get lonely trying to find like-minded people…

Last Friday night, however, I ventured into Downtown Phoenix (alas, alone) to get more of a cultural experience. There was an art show, and I was NOT disappointed in my search for ‘real’ people who care more about true interests such as politics, vegan food, social topics, and who were there to share their art and beauty.

I first stopped at a little house run café called Conspire…

After working at the Pomegranate Café, which, sorry (but honestly) is a bit classier, I found myself a bit disappointed with the food. They seemed to have some good raw ideas, the vegan food was heavily oiled, and although the environment had a great hippy vibe, I didn’t really like the food I tried. Who knows, maybe it was just the stuff I ordered.

However, they had great locally brewed/created tea which I LOVED. That alone, I think is worth it. It even had raw jungle peanut mylk – so that’s a cool feature.

I worked on homework in the front yard at an table… Funny enough, the entire neighborhood is like different social pubs, book stores, restaurants, and such in HOUSES. It looks so funny to me, but it totally works.

It wasn’t too busy at 8 PM because a show was apparently going on. Don’t ask me, I was like ‘what show?’ as in ‘What is the Show? Where is it? People gather for a show? What??!’ And they’re like ‘I don’t know who’s playing’… So using reasonable deduction skills, I can guess different bands play for a well-rounded youthful audience.

Instead of opting to go to a lil concert by myself, I walked around and took a good look at many artists’ works and a little gathering of tents selling their fine jewelry, artwork, photography..and my personal favorite – Just B…B Just (End Homelessness!) Soaps.

Finally I wasn’t in an environment where people all had matching sweatsuits, upturned noses, perfect cars, etc.. I had found REAL people who had their flaws, but were working for something better.

The man in charge of this booth used to be homeless. Apparently he got out of a correctional facility (fancy for jail…) and didn’t know how to continue his life.


Now, no judging right now. He was the sweetest, nicest guy I’ve met in this area so far and his manners exceed those who live in the fancy palaces in the Phoenix/Biltmore area. He’s very passionate about this calling, too.


Pretty Good, eh?

Making natural, vegan skin care products (like soaps, chaptsticks, and more…) the person  (or people – see below?) who founded this company has been able to reverse homelessness by teaching a trade/skill that is not only sustainable and benefits other people, but is helping others reinvent themselves and their lives through a respectable job.


Not a picture I took, but one of the gentlemen is who I talked to.


I bought sandalwood soap (which I really like!) and a green band which promotes the company. It was interesting talking to the man and his intern, too.
They lacked skills many others are taught, such as public speaking, but they were doing great putting themselves out there to connect to customers, and really work on expressing their passions.

It was a beautiful sight, so how could I resist? I also promised to share the company on my website (which I am now) Because I really believe in it too!

If you’d like to learn more or would like to support this awesome non-profit which is giving jobs and teaching homeless individuals how to restart their life, visit www.justbbjust.com

This is how we get to the source and reverse issues. You decide on change, on positive measures to rebuild, and you take action. How lovely.


I sat around, listened to music, bought some cheap/amazing jewelry from a Mexican man, and eventually wandered to the Lawn Gnome (which apparently is a used book store – trade ins, etc…)


and left with at least 7 books – many Don Juan, some non-fiction, and all 100% fabulous. Very affordable, too, so that was a plus.

Now, I didn’t have a crazy Friday night, but to me, this was a great time getting to see Human Expression in its finest.

How could this be at its finest, though? (You may wonder) Because they were all truthful expressions of themselves. They were being uniquely them (even if they didn’t know it) and to me (especially seeing it in the city) it is fabulous. This is what’s going to turn the tides of people realizing there’s more in life than shopping, drinking, and trying to get outside of yourself on a crazy Friday night… Instead, we should be more thankful for the simple, positive, beautiful things that are in our lives right now.

What have you done, or where have you been where you’ve been inspired by other human’s actions, positive changes, or cultural settings?

Enliven your Life,



(Also – I do like posting, but it takes me at least 3 effing hours to get one out (minimum) because my computer (I think) has a virus, therefore I have to deal with its slowness, disconnecting at the most inopportune times, kicking me off, deleting my work, freezing, not uploading pictures, not saving anything…etc.

Ergh. That’s why I’m not being the greatest at posting. Just an FYI.)