Escaping the Turkey Craze!


No doubt you’ve heard thousands of commercials, advertisements, and seen countless fliers advertising the most crazed thing (in my opinion) we humans take part in… shopping and obsession with consumerism.

Whether it’s tradition, family gatherings, or just feeling good about your social status – I’ve heard many ‘excuses’ as to why we participate in the yearly craze of gorging oneself on food, accumulating junk we don’t need, and making ourselves miserable in the process of unbalancing our lives through excess material goods and unhealthy lifestyles…

Because my side of the viewpoint is heard very often, however, I wanted to propose a new way to practice holiday gatherings and the whole festivity viewpoint in general. But first… a few reasons why I feel this way:

1) Thanksgiving isn’t even about the Turkey – we were rude to the Native Americans and continue to celebrate a false ‘holiday’.

When you’re in grade school, you see pretty little cut-outs of Native Americans and funny looking pilgrims eating a huge feast celebrating their re-birth in the America’s. Well yippidy-doo… except that shortly after we, (white race) raped the indigenous tribes of their homeland, stole their sacred rituals and flushed them down the latrine hole, and then forced them to change their ways. Yes, celebration indeed!

For me, this is something I am not proud of when it comes to our ancestral heritage. Heck, or country is only a few hundred years old and has been shucking people up the butt every chance it gets…therefore I do NOT want to be supporting this – but instead focusing on giving back to the under-privileged, helping others restore their connection to the divine, and striving for a peaceful mentality and enlightenment on all grounds.

“What about family gatherings? Are you against them?” Of course not! But I feel every night should be just as good of an excuse to be thankful for everyone in your family, eat wholesome and healthy food (in right proportion that is filling and nourishing), and still contribute to a greater cause than yourself. Don’t kid yourself or anyone else – it’s about being selfish that we have turned this ‘holiday’ into sitting around the football television box and reviving the next day with 20+ gained pounds, a food coma, and health problems to accompany: acid reflux, gas, bloating, indigestion, headache, weight gain, increased chance heart disease, blood sugar problems, and more! No thank you!

2) When 1.02 billion people are starving in the world, why in the hell do we try to consume as much as possible… fueling the onset of lifestyle-related illnesses, causing mental and health issues (due to self-esteem and unbalanced nutritional chemistry), out-of-pocket food expenses, waste, waste, waste, and keeping the focus on self instead of EVERYONE?


3) What did the turkey do?

The poor, poor, turkey. Every year 300 MILLION turkeys are killed to provide gluttonous satisfaction to the un-educated and poorly principled consumer. Not saying that if you celebrate this way you’re a bad person, are stupid, or whatever… but when you align your focus with the truth and what you are participating in – anyone who was honest with themselves would NOT continue this trend.

Turkeys are just as sentient beings as cats and dogs. They can love, feel pain, happiness, joy, sadness, fright, and many more emotions! Believe it or not – they BLEED and die when you kill them… and when you eat them, you’re only contributing to a backed-up lymphatic system (90% problem of ‘disease’), chronic acidosis, and the negative close-minded trend of eating animals. (You can get EVERYTHING and more that you need from PLANTS!)


Because of this… you might see why again I don’t like to honor this ‘tradition’ that’s so happily celebrated.

If we were to really participate in the essence we’d like to think it embodies – I’m ALL for that. In fact, I’ll be traveling to the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center this year (again!) for ThanksLIVING raw vegan potluck celebration with hundreds of like-minded, amazingly spiritually aware, and health-conscious individuals who know that we are more than just our bodies and lives and have purpose – therefore we’ll be nourishing every level of our beings.

I’ll be sharing video and an upcoming recipe for the potluck in my next post, but for this one – I’d like to share alternatives to honor you, the Earth, and others that may be unconventional but really gather the REAL meaning behind giving thanks:

1) The EASIEST: Opt for turkey-less celebration! You can still gather with the family if that’s what’s important to you – but at least make it a feast that’s healthier for your waist-line, your health, the planet, the animals, your family and friends’ well-being, and of course your spiritual development. There are SO many variations, recipes, and more – thankfully there are great alternatives and you don’t have to miss out if you’re dead-set on celebrating this ‘holiday’.

Or if you’re radical like I am about this day:

2) Fast for a day.

WHAT?! FAST! As in no food?” Exactly. In honor of those who have no food and are seeking to find better ‘land’ and new beginnings, this is a great way to enhance your spiritual awareness and put out positive energy for a cause. It might be difficult if everyone else is stuffing their faces, but I find that even connecting with the true purpose before allowing your human urges to take control can be very satisfying and keep you in the right mind-set on this day. Because of this reason – I’ll likely be fasting before I gather with friends at the Tree of Life and eat some raw vegan food.

3) Free a turkey

Find an animal sanctuary and make a donation to save a turkey’s life or any other animal’s life… Put forth and give back! Use Google and find one near you!


Now I hope this post wasn’t too off-putting, but I think the focus of Thanksgiving celebration has been perverted. If you want to celebrate it, go ahead! There’s no stopping you – but if you can make even one choice to help yourself and the planet – at least try for a turkey-less thanksgiving –instead, opting for mock choices…they’re unlimited.

Life doesn’t have to be about ‘Black Friday’, the ‘Best Deals’, or even stuffing yourself on food – there is a bigger picture and your choices do make an impact – on you, those you love, and everyone who lives on this Earth.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations – you’re a trooper. Here’s an upcoming recipe sneak-peek: Raw Vegan Lasagna…. It’s very hearty, delicious, and is super easy to make!

Raw Vegan Lasagna! Yum, Yum, Yum...


-What do you plan on doing for Thanksgiving? Any great recipe suggestions you’d like to share with others? Please comment below!

XoXo Mandy