4) Where do I Start (on a Plant-Based Diet)?

Bloom for Life’s guidance on this question is to start where you feel most comfortable, but also where you feel challenged enough to adopt better.

If you are a junk-food addict, start by limiting soda and fast-food to 1/3 of what you currently consume. Have a green smoothie every day, and aim to start exercising 30 minutes for 3 days each week. Once you begin to notice the benefits, limit your addictive behavior even more.

If you’re ready for change and like to start fast, then you may be more comfortable omitting all fast-food, opting for dairy-free alternatives, and lessening meat out of your diet. Make your emphasis on having a big, green salad every day with a natural, home-made dressing, and be sure to have a green smoothie every morning. Exercise 4-5 times per week. Start a gratitude journal where you write down (every day) 10 things you are grateful for. And allow yourself 20 minutes of meditative/contemplative time every day. You may find yourself wanting to progress into more of a plant-based, live food diet once you have made these habits part of your lifestyle.

Every individual is on their own journey, but one thing is for certain: small changes now equal huge benefit later.