5) Why Should I Live More Sustainably??

Did you know that the average American consumes as many resources necessary for 3 Earths to supply? That’s a lot, and is obviously not sustainable. Through daily living activities, a large amount of CO2 is generated, and because most is not used responsibly or recycled, that out-pours a lot of waste into the environment.

Sustainable living doesn’t mean you need to become a hermit in the hills, however, it is suggestion you should at least become mindful of your choices and look intowhat effect your daily living regimen has on the environment and other living beings.

Check out the linked pieces which describe the environmental damage common from every day lifestyle choices in much more depth than could be described here.

Meat Consumption:

Water Use:


Toilet Flushing:

Plastic Pollution:

Using less is really just an intelligent choice for yourself and all beings: your future kids, grandchildren, and all other inhabitants of the Earth will benefit as you start utilizing more and needing less. We are all one, after all, and the more sustainable habits you adopt now, the sooner resources scare in many areas of the world (46% of Africans can’t get clean water) may become equally available for all.