7) How Can I Best Help Others?

You have a compassionate mind and a heart that yearns to “do good”, right? The BEST way to be of service to humanity, yourself, and inspire change in others is to Be The Change yourself!

Seriously! How can you help others until you have first helped yourself? How can you inspire friends and family members to make better food choices until you have first implemented and are thriving from healthy dietary changes yourself?

Ghandi spoke wise truth when he said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Raise your own vibration, ease your own state of mind, and inspire a new generation of peace and conscious living through your actions. Most importantly – connect and collaborate with others! That’s where dramatic change takes place, through conscious networking and inspired interaction between conscious creators.

Want to help others?Follow your passion(s)! You were gifted with a unique love for a certain field or vocation, so honor yourself and others you’ll help in the future by jumping 100% into whatever calls to you. The Universe will support you, all you have to do is be courageous and loving to yourself, so that growth and transformation takes place.