1) What Makes a Diet Healthy?

You can research all diets and find countless studies that support many or all aspects of what one particular dogma preaches. But that’s not the point of finding balance or even implementing change that will make you happy and healthy for a lifetime.

For this reason Bloom for Life’s philosophy is not to preach 100% vegan or 100% live foods, it is to share healthful living information and offer resources to assist others in deciding what changes best suit them.

There are basic components to almost all healthy diets, however, and they are as follow:

Whole Foods

This means these foods don’t come in a box, they haven’t had any artificial sweeteners, additives, or chemicals added to them, and they are 100% REAL.


Foods grown organically contain no trace of pesticides or other deadly chemicals which have been shown to cause neurological problems, reproductive issues, and behavioral problems.


The healthiest diets include 70-80% from whole, unprocessed, plant-based foods which include: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, gluten-free grains, sprouts, leafy greens, seaweeds, and other miscellaneous super foods.

Predominantly Live Food

Eating foods in their unheated, natural, and unprocessed state means there are more enzymes available for digestion, 2-3 times the amount of bio-available protein, and much more nutrition than after cooked.

The healthiest cultures by default include a plethora or raw foods as they have little access to heat, and know that food in its uncooked state tastes and digest better anyways.

Created with Love <3

This is an essential component, and Bloom for Life believes that love must be in every meal one eats and in the food they prepare.

The longest lived cultures (Abakhasian, Hunzas, Vilcabambas, and Okinowans) all consume a predominantly live-food, plant-based, and unprocessed diet. They also are sure to spend plenty of time with loved ones, move and exercise their body, get plenty of fresh air, do what they love, and enjoy the food they eat. Those are the foundational principles we should all strive to include, and are used as a foundation for Bloom for Life’s philosophy.

Rather than tear each other part debating on ‘which diet is best’, let’s come together, drop the dogma, and choose ‘Health’ over anything. Whatever form that is for you, we hope to assist in healthful transformation with the tools offered through this website and the programs shared.